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Now something a bit unusual... try running our Windows tidal stream app in your HTML5 compliant browser on any operating system !    This trial may only last till the end of Sept 2017

Streams app in browser

Click image above to start


Please give this system a try, feedback welcome.  You will need:

  • An HTML5 compliant browser, newer the better.  Tested in Chrome, latest Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. Should work in other up to date browsers too. Won't work on old browsers.
  • Patience.  If server instance needs waking up you will get a white screen with orange server logo. ETA 5 mins. If after 5 mins it's still same, close the window and click image again

    If this screen persists for more than 5 mins, close window, and click original image again
  • When you get a black screen with Cameyo logo..the server is already running, and you should get the app within 20-30 sec.
  • When you get the web-app running on your screen, click the Green Arrow logo to start streams displays.

Hints and tips:  Don't bother trying with phones....  For Tablets/Touchscreens/Androids, etc.  Go fullscreen ( RH button on black taskbar ).  You will have to experiment to use with touchscreens.. you are using a Windows server expecting mouse inputs. This is best used on a big screen with mouse,  You can use the mouse to drag and  the mouse wheel to zoom into the mapping image.

Use the Tidal Current Control box to choose dates, times  and control ports.  Note Dover tide times control the huge majority of the 1900+ tidal damonds.  But in places like the Solent, you can select Portsmouth as the control port, or Plymouth for Portland tides.  Pentland Firth use Dover or Aberdeen.

You get 10 mins use before it cuts out, session time is displayed bottom LH side.

If you like what you see and have a Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 machine you can download your own trial installation here, it'll work for 20+days.

We think this is a really useful planning tool, but the web-app on this page is really cutting edge stuff..  allowing you to use and remote control Windows programs from your browser.  All kinds of possibilities.

Feedback welcome.

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Tidal Stream Utility for Windows
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