How we keep any data you give us

New data protection laws coming in May 2018..

Mean we've been having a big clear out of what we held/hold about subscribers and members, and ONLY holding onto details of those who actually use our services on a regular basis.

Anyone who created a log in account or membership who hasn't been on the site for 2 years, we have  "Banned"  from using the site.  This is the first process in preparation for complete deletion of all their details.  It allows those who still want to use VMH to contact us, and we can re-instate easily at this stage.

SO, if you haven't been on for a long while and you've now found yourself "Banned", this can be quickly sorted out if you contact us.

Out of the 1000's we've "Banned" we've had plenty come to us for re-instatement.  BUT this will need to be done within the next few months or your account will be lost, as the next stage will involve complete deletion of redundant data.

The solution to prevent this happening in the future, is simply to log into VMH once a year or so, and we'll keep your account active.

Information on what we hold and why we hold it:

When you create a VMH log in account we collect email, and address, and maybe phone number if you give it.  The valid email address is for log in purposes, so is required.  It's up to you if you want to receive any newsletter stuff from us, you have to check a box for that.  Only a few a year, never lots.

We log site/members area access by subscribers/members.

You can inspect the details we hold for you (have a look at "My Account"), and you can alter at will. We strongly suggest using a low level password, different from any important passwords you may use.

We can fully delete your account anytime, just ask, you won't be able to log in anymore after that. In future if you don't log in for 2 years, you will be deleted automatically (and lose any membership if you have one). Solution ..log in yearly at least.

We never pass your details to anyone for any purpose. The only exception to that would be if we were required to by law, court order, etc. Never happened yet...

3rd parties lurking on VMH.  No social media buttons which are used to track you. No Googe analytics.   A Google powered search box on a few pages, and a few You Tube videos embedded.  These could result in you being followed by Google.  We are looking at alternatives ...

Purchases and card details:  Always dealt with off site by accredited card handling agencies.  We never ever see your card details. Our external shopping cart and Pay Pal may hold your address and order details, they are data compliant organisations.  Your address and order details are given to us by the shopping cart, in order for us to fulfill your order.

These details are stored locally by us for about 6-8 months then deleted. Likewise any printed packing slips, etc are securely shredded periodically.

So to recap:

1 Membership and Subscriber data are held by us on our UK server to enable you to log into the Members area.  Subcsciber / Member site access data is held there too. (to enable us to delete ex users whose data we really don't want or need)  Note: No financial information is stored by us, membership payments are handled by Pay Pal.

2.Purchases of any other VMH products are dealt with by our 3rd party data compliant shopping cart, and just enough information is passed to us to enable us to fulfill your order. Any information we hold locally for order management, we delete/shred after about 6-8 months.

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