VisitMyHarbour 2019 Summary, 2020 outlook

Been an interesting year 2019, and 2020 looks like a year of change for VMH.

1. Flash

The  flash player techonology used in this site since 2009 (for displays of charts, etc)  is becoming obsolete at the end of 2020.  Web browsers are getting increasingly resistant to allowing Flash content without the user having to take extra steps.  Flash doesn't work on mobile devices.

Personaly we'll be sad to see it go, we've always liked the truly "Full Screen" feature, not fully replicated in other systems.

Full members have had the ability to use the non-flash image content in the members area for many years, and over the next year, we'll be removing flash from the whole desktop site and replacing it with other technologies.  Which leads us nicely on to:


2. VMH-Lite

For a taste of what we're up to, have a look here:   VMH-Lite           (or just Google VMH Lite)

This new site uses new mobile compatible (non flash player) seamless charting and map driven menus. Works great on big machines and small mobiles.

We'll be bringing this type of techonology to the main in depth VMH site... with the VHM-Lite site as a quick, on the go, reference resource.  We expect a very different kind of user to subscribe to the lite site.

Life members of VMH main site.. don't worry. It will continue and be improved.  As will the discounted products, the harbour coverage, charts, tide tables,  and all the more in depth info available.


3. https://

During 2019 the eagle eyed of you may have noticed the main VMH site has gone 100% https. That's not all though, it's now cloud hosted, and there were a few glitches as it was migrated, around September. All sorted now.  This is in preparation for dealing with No1, above. Other work is going on behind the scenes with membership details to bring it into line with best current practices.


4. Tough Tabs

In April/May we secured the entire stock of an IP68 Ruggged industrial type Android tablet.. The STK Titan. These have sold exceptionally well as a pre-prepared "turn Key" chartplotter, there's 100s out there now... and we still have plenty.

Before Christmas we will, for the first time, start selling these to non members at a slightly higher non members price.


5. Shop

The 6 year lease is up on the Cowes High St shop in mid 2020.  Unfortunately the landlord wants it back for a family member.  So we'll be homeless hobos and are on the lookout for something else.  Wherever we get may NOT be a retail High St shop with easy walk in customer access. It may be an office, and it may be away from easy access.  SO if you want to see us, make it before Christmas, or Feb, Mar or April 2020.  Shop will be closed all Jan as usual.  Probably best to get Unified Charts USB updates in to us Feb or March.. but post will be forwared for a year.  It's been great having a shop and meeting many of you.. but it's not essential. VMH ran quite hapilly for years with no retail shop.


So in summary.. plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes with the website(s).  Cowes shop going in 2020, new premises yet to be organised.

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