Marine Navigator-temporary play store issue

Marine Navigator paid version..(the version needed to run our charts) has been pulled from the PlayStore end of May 2021. It will be back.


Mr Ronald Koenig the Marine Navigator developer has let us know what's going on.

"Google has removed the app due to a new policy which doesn't allow apps to log location updates in the background. I have to add an additional dialog which informs the user that the logger logs location updates. Further, the Playstore only accepts updates which are compiled against Android 10, which requires additional modifications and a thorough test of the updated version. It's ridiculous. Nevertheless, I will try to submit an update as soon as possible. I will keep you up-to-date regarding the progress."


Advice for VMH users of the app and charts:

  • Existing installations of the app are unaffected. Carry on using with confidence. You can buy and install VMH charts as normal.
  • DO NOT uninstall the app and expect to get it again from PlayStore at present. Hang on to your existing version.
  • You will not be able to make fresh installs of the app on new devices until it's back in the PlayStore

The full paid version of Marine Navigator will be back in the PlayStore as soon as Mr Koenig is able to attend to the considerable work involved.

Here at VMH we will be looking into ways of making sure our Android chart customers are not inconvenienced by the ridiculous whims of any mega corp down the line.

For the cruising sailor it does not make sense to have your Google account on your navigating tablet. If it gets lost or stolen your personal stuff could be accessed. But if you remove your Google account, your apps will stop working.  Catch 22.

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