Learn to make Rolling Hitch, learn it's uses, Watch an animation

The Rolling Hitch, or Stopper Hitch as it is sometimes known, is a very useful "knot" to learn on a sailing boat. When passed around a line under strain, the Rolling Hitch can be used to transfer that strain effectively to a another winch.  It comes into its own when "someone" has managed to get a riding turn over the winch and everything is totally jammed up, for example the jib sheets.


In the first diagram stands the line which is jammed. You wish to take the pressure off it by pulling it to the right.


One round turn is made

And then another. The bitter end it passed under the standing part

 Another round turn is made, and the bitter end is passed upwards as shown.


Strain is now applied in the direction of shown.  This knot needs to be kept under strain, once you start winching on it, it will tighten right up and not slip.

Thanks to Mark Rosenstein, of   www.apparent-wind.com/knots/  who painstakingly prepared the animation.

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