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Electronic chart plotter related software and hardware. Comparisons. Information.
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This website: Membership, People, Legal, Business

Find out about us, what we do, and how you can benefit
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All Videos

Various collections of videos related to boating and sailing
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Windfarm warnings

6 Articles

Anchors and Anchoring

Loads of info, for beginners right through to advanced techiques.
15 Articles

Coastal Cruising and Navigation

Articles and tips about coastal navigation and pilotage.
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Boat Handling

Tips and articles about boat handling in tight spots. Avoid cringingly embassasing encounters in the marina.
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Sailing Knots

How To Tie..popular knots, hitches and bends, used at sea
7 Articles

Living on board

Articles about the art of living on board your boat, in the UK or abroard
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General Articles

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Safety at Sea

Rules and regulations, rules of the road, signals, etc
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Free Downloadable Books
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First Aid / Medical

Articles connected with first aid or medical emergencies afloat.
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Official Notices

Notices and advice from official sources to yachtsmen arriving in the UK concerning legal matters. Includes Customs, Immigration, Duty Free Allowances, Non EU Nationals, Landing Animals, Prohibited Goods.

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