Hourly tidal streams in the Thames Estuary

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Tidal Streams – At the position 3.2 miles 141° from North Foreland lighthouse the north-going stream begins -0120 Dover; the south-going stream begins +0440 Dover.

In Margate road the west-going stream begins -0450 Dover, the east-going stream begins +0045 Dover; spring rate in both directions 3 to 4 knots.

Comparison of these times shows that:
(a) between -0120 and +0045 Dover the streams run northward and westward from the Downs into the Thames estuary;
(b) between +0045 and +0440 Dover the north-going stream from the Downs meets the east-going stream from the Thames estuary;
(c) between +0440 Dover and -0450 Dover the streams run eastward and southward from the Thames estuary to the Downs;
(d) between – 0450 and -0120 Dover the streams run westward into the Thames estuary and southward to the Downs.
The streams near the land between North Foreland and Foreness therefore generally run north-westward between -0120 and +0045 Dover, and south-eastward between +0440 and -0450 Dover.  Between +0045 and +0440 Dover they are probably irregular, with considerable turbulence, and between -0450 and -0120 Dover they are probably weak and irregular.


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Tidal Streams
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