Who are London Chartplotters ?

Here at VMH our supplies of the STK IP68 tablet have been exhausted  by 2021 (other than a few spare ones).  With over 300 sold, these have been very popular, but we can't get more. We no longer prepare hardware here at VHM but we've teamed up with people who do this 24/7..


We'd like to introduce you to London Chartplotters


Based in London SE1, this outfit have been preparing Android tablets for use as turn key chartplotters for over 10 years.  They are our biggest trade customer, and have been buying charts from us on an industrial scale for 12 years. Steve Davis the owner, is an experienced ocean sailor, with many transatlantic crossings, and years of liveaboard experience.  He loves his hardware as much as we love our website and software.

Every item they prepare is done with the same care and attention to detail as if they were making it for their own personal use on board. They make a point of stating that you can simply unbox the package on board, and turn it on..and it will simply work as it should.

No tech knowledge or internet connection needed.

They sell mainly on Ebay, and have a fantastic reputation.


They have a fully equipped workshop, and are more than capable of repairing/modifying anything they sell in-house. They normally sell fully refurbished/re-manufactured equipment (ie: not brand new), fitted with Marine Navigator OEM app, and our own VMH chartsets. For the last few years they have been concentrating on preparing waterproof Samsung Rugged tablets, which have a great reputation (even though they don't look as striking as the STK we had a while back).

They offer a 6 month guarantee on all their tablets, parts and labour.. extendable to 12 months.

And for purchases through the VMH website they offer the same 30 day "No Quibble" money back guarantee as we do on all our products. Don't like the look of it.. just return for full refund. No reason required. Guaranteed.

So VMH members and customers can buy any tablet plotter offered through this website with complete confidence. Backed by us at VisitMyHarbour.

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Turn Key Android chartplotters

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