Unified Charts mid 2023 modifications

We've just updated the Unified Charts USBs and download iso images...

OpenCPN has been very busy making new versions available this year.  They are currently on version 5.8.4 released mid June.  Looks like this is going to be stable for a while so we've re-jigged our products to be able to use the latest version.

Also maybe more importantly, Windows are starting to sell more computers powered by ARM processors. This update also makes Unified Charts compatible with ARM powered machines.

From 26th July all new USBs and downloads will be compatible with OpenCPN 5.8.4,  (Installer for OpenCPN 5.8.4 is now bundled with the Unified Charts)

Anyone who bought a USB earlier in the year, when you get it updated in Spring 2024, it will have the new feature.  If you are desparate to use the latest version 5.8.4, you could send the USB back to us following all the instructions on the "Pink Slip" receipt. We will update and return.  It will cost you 10 1st class stamps.

Those who have the 2023 download .iso version, if you're happy with it "as is", no need to do anything. If you want to update an existing working 2023 .iso image to use OpenCPN 5.8.4 you can simply re-download the .iso image.. and replace your existing old .iso with the new one.  No unlock code needed.

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