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Qualified compass adjusting working from home
Harbour: Banff
Sail making & Repair, Boat covers, dodgers, boom covers
Harbour: Cairnbulg
Ships Chandlers, Yacht Chandlers, net making and repair
Harbour: Fraserburgh
Supplier of all chandlery and requirements for leisure boating. Specialises in outboard sales, servicing and repair. All boat repairs. UAV services
Harbour: Banff
Servicing and repairs of all outboard and inboard engines
Harbour: Banff
Ship builds up to 35m at Macduff and 30m at Buckie. Ship repairs and refurbishment
Harbour: Banff
Makes PVC covers and bags for just about everything
Harbour: Arbroath
Ships Candlery. Ship Painting. Tarpaulin and awning construction
Harbour: Banff
Private company which specialises in all forms of boat covers, dodgers, sails and sail covers
Harbour: Banff
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