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Ilfracombe Harbour

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


AC 1160 SC5608

Rules & Regulations


Up to 3 Knt stream across the approach line at springs, Overfalls W of Rillage Point (known as the "Buggy Pit")

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Dover-0525 MHWS 9.2m, MHWN 6.9m, MLWS 0.7m, MLWN 3.0m   (links)

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General Description

Harbour Master  tel  01271 862108  VHF # 16/12
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Coming from the west strong tidal races will be ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Anchor by carefully nosing into the Outer Harbour, watching out ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 26th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes at the end of September 2022. They have added three RED buoys to seaward of the yellow Visitor's buoys in the outer harbour; these are for use by commercial operators (mainly red ribs for trippers)
I've added a link to the yacht club website and edited the link to the webcam. harbour dues have increased.
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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 24th Sep 2021
I reviewed these notes in September 2021. No changes except the price for visiting yachts.
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Written by Don Thomson | 23rd Apr 2018
Very little has changed here. The price has gone up a little.
Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 19th Apr 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2016. Only change is the price for this season
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Approach from the West
Written by dononshytalk | 21st Oct 2011
Most of the local yachtsmen ignore the Horseshoe buoy off Bull Point. The Point itself is "steep to" and, although there is a noticeable increase in the swell as one passes, the overfalls do not start until a good quarter of a mile off the Point - fifty yards off and you save a very long treck around the buoy.
On the other hand, the next navigation point to the West is Mortpoint buoy and you go inside that at your peril!!
For drinking & entertainment - there are at least six pubs/eateries looking out over the harbour - the only problem is rowing back out to your boat!!!!!
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