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Milford Haven 2. Marinas, Moorings and Cleddau River Anchorages

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Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


Admiralty, 3274, 3275, 1478, 2878, SC5608

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Tankers and Ferry

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HW Milford Haven = Dover -0500, MHWS 7.0m, MHWN 5.2m, MLWN 2.5m, MLWS 0.7m   (links)

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Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 29th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes at the end of September 2022. Looking back through my memories of this place which I first sailed into in the nineties and to what it is now it really has changed a lot. The two Marinas are easy to get into and both have "swepp up" services but Milford is very slightly cheaper. Lawrenny has improved a bit but is reported to still be a bit rustic.
Lawrenny Quay July 2021
Written by PaleMoon | 19th Jul 2021
£15 a night on a mooring buoy they like you to book ahead on email. Showers in the middle of the caravan site take 2 x50p pieces. There is a community shop open most mornings from 09.30 in Lawrenny selling essentials eg milk, bread, beer.
Written by Don Thomson | 24th Apr 2018
There were no changes here except to the prices - which have gone down at Milford Haven Marina.
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Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 19th Apr 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2016. I've changed the notes re the entry to Milford Marina as their new lock is in operation. Note that the large mooring buoy (SM1) just after the Weir Spit has been moved to the Eastern side of the channel and is now nearer the centre of the channel.
Favourite place:
Written by Bryant | 7th Jan 2014
"Dear Sir or Madam,
My visits to Milford Haven began some time about 62 to 63 years ago when I was about the age of four. My father took me to various places where we could view the beautiful scenery the Haven and surrounding areas have to offer,

I remember being in awe of many of the aspects of our visit. He took me to show me the great Flying boat sheds at Pembroke dock (where I later stayed in temporary accomodation in the late 1970's -1980's whilst working as a site agent at the Texaco refinery extensions and effluent treatment plant and storage facilities. When I had any free time which was not very often I would take many walks around the area ,sometimes driving to St Davids and Solva and Cardigan bay.

For many years since I have visited Milford Haven ,Neyland Marina , Hobbs Point , Pembroke dock and Pembroke Castle with friends for days out and on business. I have visited many Hostelries in and around the area but seem to gravitate to my favorite the Jolly Sailor at Burton,although many others come close as runners up.

As for the access to mariners, watersports and wildlife facilities and scenery in the area having travelled throughout the country I find it hard to compare any place with all that Milford Haven has to offer.

Yours faithfully



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Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 18th Feb 2013
The notes for Milford Haven 2 were updated by Don T on the 18th February 2013. Prices have been updated and a few bits of local knowledge put in. Milford Docks Marina is due for more changes 2013/14 with addition of more pontoons. They have renewed all the old pontoons and the electricity/water supplies to those and the facilities around the docks are being improved on an ongoing basis.
Tom Webb, around Britain on a 21' Beneteau 2011
Written by Tom Webb Sailing | 31st Oct 2011
18-20/8 - Milford Haven – Milford haven is a pretty place to sail into but becomes more commercial as you move up the river towards the marina, there are large fixed structures in the middle of the channel which accommodate large ships so beware of traffic, when entering Milford the channel is marked very clearly but at LW and near LW even the dredged channel can fall below 1.5m. You enter through a lock which is huge and has floating pontoons which saves having to adjust your lines, the marina is very nice and the staff are very friendly and chatty. It’s worth noting that the marina is a good hours steam up the river and Dale bay offers a free pontoon near the entrance of the harbour but no facilities.
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