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Dover (Port of...), inc. Marina and Anchorage

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


Western Entrance 51:06'.774 N 001:19'.777 E Eastern Entrance 51:07'.258 N 001:20'.753 E Both Approx. Mid Entrance


Admiralty 1698, SC5605

Rules & Regulations

Boats MUST have permission before approaching or entering, see text. 8 Knts speed limit Main Harbour, 4 knts Marina


Constant Ferry Traffic

Tidal Data Times & Range

MHWS 6.7m MHWN 5.3m, MLWN 2m MLWS 0.8m. Tide-tables:   (links)

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General Description

Dover Port Control tel 01304 206063 VHF #74 
Dover Marina tel 01304 241 663 VHF #80

Dover is well know for being the busiest port in England....
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Dover is unmistakable whichever direction you approach it from. ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Yachtsmen and motorboaters normally make straight for the New Marina, located in the inner harbour. ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 9th Mar 2021
I have edited this webpage as far as possible in early March 2021. The New Marina is complete as is the lock into the Wellington Basin at the Northern end of that. The Granville Dock and Tidal Basin are still accessible. Anchoring in the Outer Harbour is not allowed. Prices have not been updated for 2021 yet.
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Interim update summer 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 10th Sep 2019
Things are advancing here at a great rate. The construction of the new marina basin is basically finished but still a lot of work to be done before it opens. This completion means that the restrictions on movement near it have been lifted and the new restrictions near the new Cruise Ship Berth are in place; we've edited the present chart and uploaded it to our chart Gallery. There's also a new video for procedures for yachties to get to and from the marinas.
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New Navigation Mark
Written by Bryant | 8th Nov 2018
I am writing to inform you that we, the Port of Dover, have received approval from Trinity House for the installation of an Unlit Green Pile in position Lat. 51° 06.869’ N, Long. 001°19.314’ E.

Mark Burton


Dover Port Control.

Written by Don Thomson | 26th Mar 2018
For 2018 the Tidal Marina, Grenville Dock Marina and the Wellington Dock will operate as normal but the entrance will be obstructed by the development on the land side requiring a dog leg into the dredged channel controlled by traffic lights. Otherwise the new development will not effect your stay (other than the noise!) The prices have gone up here by about 20p a metre.

We, at visitmyharbour, will keep a close eye on things here and do another edit for the winter of 2018/19
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Anchorage in the outer harbour not allowed due to exclusion zone
Written by Mark_7654 | 7th Jul 2017
Anchorage in the outer harbour not allowed due to exclusion zone for new marina piling and dredging work. Seems it will be like that all Summer 2017. Check Dover Port NtMs before planning on anchoring.

Overnight stay 1st April
Written by Jaypea | 11th May 2017
Contacted Port Control about 2miles out with boat info and preferred entrance. We were asked to keep well to North side and call them when we were about 2mins out for confirmation of entry. All smooth and we headed across the outer harbour to the marina. Allocated a spot in the tidal marina we found costs reasonable, staff friendly and helpful, good local info and guidance available. Facilities were a bit of a trek from the boat but good enough quality. There is a petrol station over the road for those able to top-up with cans.
Upon departure, Port Control need to know your preferred exit and onward destination....I think this avoids folk leaving West for convenience then heading East across the ferry lanes without them knowing!
There is a huge development project underway which will see the marina move into what is currently part of the Outer harbour with two of the three current marinas being filled in !!!! Yes, really!! Little impact on us in 2017 by the looks of it but 2018 may be a different story.
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Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 15th Mar 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in March 2016. Prices have been held to the 2015 levels and these have been noted.
Update April 2014
Written by dononshytalk | 8th Apr 2014
We have updated these notes April 2014. Prices have gone up by about 10p per metre across the board.

NB. The NCM in position 051 06.85N 001 19.7E was removed in February 2014 following the dredging of the wreck bank between it and the Southern Breakwater. There is now a Least Depth of 7 metres over that bank. It is to be expected that the tidal flow around the outer harbour may be affected by this and when things have settled down they will be doing a new tidal survey during the spring and summer. The Port Notice to Mariners 02/14 refers.
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Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 14th Mar 2013
The information on Dover was checked and updated by Don T on 14th March 2013. No major changes and prices have been updated for the 2013 season
Written by sagitta | 23rd Apr 2012
Great, thank you, very useful. However, just for your info, the Dutch translation is close to incomprehensible.
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