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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


56° 03.1N 003°14W


UKHO 1407-0, 0733-0, 0736-0, 0735-0 SC5615, Imray C27 (with Burntisland harbour Plan)

Rules & Regulations

Give way to cargo vessels manoeuvring


Black Rocks and associated reefs in Burntisland Bay to the East. Beware also Heuchboy and Kirkbush Rocks and the shallows in the vicinity of No 7 SHM all to the East

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW is HW Leith + 5min and 0.5m on HW Leith   (links)

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General Description

Burntisland was once a busy port but its use has dropped off since late in the last century...

….It has two basins, the West Dock and the East Dock. There is a lock gate on the East dock to maintain water levels when a cargo vessel is in and the sailing club has the schedules for such arrivals. (You can also check the AIS and assume that if there is a vessel in the east Dock, the new pontoons are inaccessible.) So, it is normally on free flow which is OK for entry into the East Basin, but it does mean that the bridge over the lock is then open and the only way to town from the club moorings is all the way around the East Dock itself which won't be a problem going but may be coming back loaded!
There are yacht moorings in the small area behind the “Island" Jetty just inside the harbour entrance but these are very exposed to winds from the West and South. The Sailing Club has installed a new pontoon with finger berths inside the East Dock and there is a visitor’s berth there.  They are in the process of installing another pontoon which should be in sometime during this summer (2022)

The Sailing Club has been there for a good few years but up until recently had no arrangements in place for visitors. Now they have the pontoon and are quite happy to accept visitors but you need to apply via their website a couple of days in advance to occupy one of their pontoon berths overnight. 
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If approaching from the North Sea you can almost straight line it from Bass Rock or Anstruther...…
but in the latter case be aware of the shallows and rocks between Kinghorn Ness and the harbour entrance.  Coming from the West if you go outside Inchcolm and Car Craig you can run straight for the harbour mouth or you can go through the Mortimer Deep (but I doubt if you’ll save much time. There is the problem that in this Firth if the wind is against the tide there can be a nasty short chop on.
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Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

As you pass through the entrance the swinging moorings are on your immediate starboard side and beyond them is the Yacht Club Building. If you have booked a pontoon berth then as you pass through the main hatbour entrance, turn 45° to Starboard and, leaving the diagonal wall to starboard continue towards the East Harbour lock. Once through the lock the Club Pontoons are on your starboard side.  ... read more

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Update June 2022
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 21st Jun 2022
I reviewed these notes in June 2022. I've included the information from Mark (below). They are installing another pontoon this year.
Deep water and friendly sailing club
Written by Mark Harbour Master Sailing Challenge | 22nd Jun 2021
Spent 2 nights here having booked on the club website - all very efficient. 1 x visitor pontoon berth inside the large dock. The lock gates are normally kept open 24/7 however if a large ship is berthed inside the lock, they Forth Ports (not the sailing club) will close the gate apart from about 1 hour each side of HW.
No electrics but water hose which reaches the visitor berth. Loos and (apart from Covid times) showers.
15 min walk to shops. Not a great view but a very safe and deep harbour - one of very few in the Firth of Forth.
Mark Harbour Master Sailing Challenge.
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Initial Upload 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 28th Jun 2019
This harbour was added in June 2019
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