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Rogerstown Inlet & Rush Harbour

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Irish Tricolour




AC44 Nose of Howth to Ballyquintin Point, AC 633 + SC5621 Rogerstown Inlet, Imray C62 Irish sea

Rules & Regulations

None Known


Rogerstown has a bar across its entry channel and is only approachable by keeled boats a couple of hours either side of HW. Rush harbour dries completely and has a reef to starboard of the entrance to the cove which dries from half tide onwards.

Tidal Data Times & Range

As Malahide; HW is Dublin +0005; MHWS 4.4m MHWN 3.2m MLWN 1.1m MLWS 0.5m; Streams off shore in Lambay Sound reach 2.5 knots at Springs which run North from 4½ hours before HW Dublin to 1½ hours after.

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General Description

Contacts Rush Sailing Club   tel  +353 (0)18430695 ... read more


The approach to Rush harbour is unmarked and without any lead in marks; ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 14th Oct 2022
No changes to the notes but we have had to resort to a different tidal information site for our link (top right) as the UKHO Easytide app no longer covers Eire. The tidal info for Portraine (to the South) is the same as that for Rush (to the north)
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 8th Sep 2021
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