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Toehead Bay, Tragumna Bay and Barloge Creek

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Courtesy Flag

Irish Tricolour


None Given


AC 2129 Long Island Bay to Castlehaven; SC5623.11 Crookhaven to Long Island & Cape Clear; Imray C56 Cork Harbour to Dingle Bay

Rules & Regulations

Lough Hyne is a marine nature reserve set up by statute and, as such, has a raft of regulations on conduct within its bounds. Basically, there is a speed limit of 5kts, no water sports such as water skiing or diving without permission, no removal of anything living or dead without permission (that includes plant life), no dumping of rubbish and no defacing of any surface.


The entrance to Lough Hyne is impassable due to depth at the entrance. Bullock Island has rocks lying off its SW side which narrow the entrance to Barloge Creek

Tidal Data Times & Range

There is no tidal information for this bit of coast but the HW times of Baltimore and Castletownshend only differ by two minutes on most days and the depths vary by about two inches at most so for working purposes use Baltimore tide constants. HW Baltimore is HW Cobh – 0015; MHWS 3.5m MHWN 2.9m MLWN 1.4m MLWS 0.6m

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General Description

Toehead Bay and Tragumna Bay, five miles to the East of Baltimore, are exposed anchorages which will provide shelter ... read more


The main problem about the approach is actually identifying the bit of coast ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

As has been said, both Toehead bay and Tragumna Bay are exposed ... read more

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