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Lowestoft Harbour

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


North Pierhead of Harbour : 52:28'.32 N 001:45'.39 E


Admiralty 1535

Rules & Regulations

Permission to Enter reqd. VHF Ch 14. See Text.


Narrow Entrance with Blind Spots, Commercial Shipping.

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Dover -0133 MHWS 2.4m, MHWN 2.1m, MLWN 1.0m, MLWS 0.5m   (links)

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Any kind of approaches to Lowestoft or Great Yarmouth will need up to date charts..... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

There are various options for berthing in Lowestoft, Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club Marina.... ... read more

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Lowestoft Moorings & Navigation
Written by Lampuki | 30th Aug 2023
Lowestoft Cruising Club moorings officer is now Andrew Pearson t: 07900 446909. Haven Marina is now Beacon Marina. Mutford Lock VHF is only Ch73, no longer listen on 14. 24hr notice required for swing bridge and lock. 0800-1700 April-October. 0800-1200. November to March. New obstructions (Kittiwake Hotels) to SE of hbr entrance, off South beach. Conspic white "sheds" atop wind turbine bases at approx. 52deg 28.2N 1deg 45.4E possibly not lit.
Lowestoft Cruising Club
Written by Greemble | 14th Jan 2023
The contact phone number of the Club has changed from November 2022.
It is now 07934 981991, the 01502 number is no longer in use as Peter Hytch has retired as mooring officer, with the position being filled by others of the club on a rotational basis, for now.

Note also if using the waiting pontoon in the Trawl Dock, after half tide falling, it could lead to grounding at the eastern end where the mud has built up.

Carlton Rail Bridge has still very limited, if any, openings and will be so until May 2023.
- This is from Network Rail:
"In 2023, we are planning three consecutive banks of work to complete the upgrade. These works will take place on the following dates:
Monday 13rd March to Friday 17th March (5 days)
Saturday 22nd April to Wednesday 26th April (5 days)
Monday 8th May to Friday 12th May (5 days)
River access for vessels will be limited while the work takes place, but there will be short windows of opportunity to open the bridges during the 16-day period to allow river access."
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Oulton Railway Bridge
Written by White Rose | 23rd Jun 2022
A far as I am aware the Oulton Broad Railway Swing Bridge remains inop and has been so for a considerable time. There is no date for it's restitution so with the Gt Yarmouth Town bridge also permanently inop there is no access to the Broads for visiting boats that are unable to pass under them. All official websites are either silent or very coy about these long-term failures so a call to the relevant authority is recommended to ascertain their actual state if required.
Update May 2022
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 24th May 2022
I reviewed these notes in May 2022. Thanks to Anthony (below) for his tips (we've included his advice on the bridge and the ASDA sandbank.; the info on the bridge VHF is in the Broads website. I've adjusted the prices where necessary and gained the feeling that they are well used to visiting boats so there's a mine of info on the various club/marina websites
Mutford Lock and more
Written by Bryant | 6th Jul 2021
I do have a couple of comments on your excellent info on Lowestoft.
1) the fee for Mutford Lock is now £13
2) I know you don't cover the Broads, but a useful snippet for those going inland would be that the VHF channel for the swinging railway bridges beyond the lock and Oulton Broad is ch12
3) You do mention the dredged channel in the Lothing, and it is indeed deep. However it is not marked. There are often several small craft gilling about waiting for the bridge opening. There is nowhere to moor and it is easy to drift too far toward the south embankment. There is a large area of very shallow water off Asda, which I managed to run aground on....fortunately very slowly and easily reversible.
From Anthony
UPDATE SPRING 2021 Further
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 28th Apr 2021
Correction to the note below re 2021 prices all the marinas WITH THE EXCEPTION OF LOWESTOFT CRUISING CLUB have increased their prices for visitors.
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 26th Apr 2021
I reviewed these notes in April 2021. Note the changes to the Kirkley Sector light. ABP have transferred all their rights to the Mutford Lock complex to the Broads Authority. Prices within all the marinas have been adjusted.
The light on Claremount Pier has been removed
Written by robertdown | 1st Apr 2020
The light on Claremount Pier has been removed and you have to use the one on Kirkley Front. The Hamilton Dock marina no longer takes visiting craft
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Update Spring 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 9th Apr 2019
Little has changed here. We have reinforced the comments made below re the codes on the RN&SYC gates. Prices have changed. The Lowestoft Haven Hamilton Dock facility has been given over entirely to commercial traffic and does not accept visitors
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Nice harbour, lumpy entry.
Written by TonyB | 6th Nov 2018
Arrived at Lowestoft from Great Yarmouth on the 4th November 2018 in a 26 foot Arrensen. The entry was quite choppy despite winds of only F4-5. However we effected an entry and spent a pleasant night at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club. There was considerable swell in the harbour overnight which meant we snubbed a little
but we could have tied up tighter as the mooring pontoons are of the floating type. The club closed shortly after our arrival which meant we didn't get the shower block and exit gate codes but fortunately another yachtsman was able to enlighten us. If booking a berth for a late or Sunday after 4pm arrival, make sure you get the code on booking otherwise you cannot even leave the club grounds.

The club is superb with bar and restaurant facilities, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff, good clean toilets and showers and electric hook up in the fee which for us was 22.80 pounds.

It is an easy walk into town, the nearest pub being 50 yards away from the club. We went to the Raj restaurant which was brilliant.

Exit from the harbour the following day was exceedingly lumpy with the yacht leaping out of the water such that my crew was thrown off his feet, fortunately without serious injury. Once out to the nearest mark, the seas eased though and a nice run back to GY under foresail and sunshine made the day.
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