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Faversham...inc E.Swale, Harty Ferry, Oare Creek and Hollowshore

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


Admiralty, 2571, 2572, SC5606

Rules & Regulations



Shellfish Beds in Swale and Approaches, All Creeks Dry.

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Dover +0120 at Harty Ferry. MHWS 5.6m, MHWN 4.5m at Faversham.

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General Description

This article covers the facilities available for yachts and motorboats in the East Swale area. ... read more


Approach to this area is either made through the easterly entrance to the Swale... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Anchorage or moorings can be had at Harty Ferry, Faversham Creek, Hollowshore, or Oare Creek. ... read more

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Beware Oare Creek at neaps
Written by rupertemerson | 9th May 2022
Despite careful research, perfect timing on the last of the rising tide and accurate pilotage I almost got neaped (stuck in the mud for a couple of days) in Oare Creek, just at the entrance and then further up. In an ideal world, anchor outside and explore by dinghy with a leadline and a gps. Local knowledge may be fickle. Those with Navionics may fare better. Suggest avoiding a neap entry for first time visit. Do not be fooled by the Thames barges and other large vessels inside. They know their onions (and their depths). Your refuge port is Queenborough but they will put you on a mooring, not a pontoon.
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Update May 2022
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 6th May 2022
I reviewed these notes in early May 2022 and will have to make some changes. The Faversham Town Council no longer accepts visitors on the Front Brent Jetty on the West bank but we are researching the availability on the Town Quay on the East Bank (which is Swale council!!)
Chart broken
Written by sailboatproject | 12th Jun 2021
On the chartlet, as of 12 June 2020, the tidal information obscures Oare Creek and the south coast of the Isle of Sheppy
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 18th Mar 2021
These notes were reviewed in March 2021. The ambiance of this creek has changed very little in the last half century - winches and hoists are hydraulic as opposed to handraulic but essentially. I've uploaded new charts and found links to some more local chartlets. Even the prices have remained fairly static and "adjustable"
Written by Don Thomson | 29th Mar 2018
Not a lot has changed here but heed the new chart we've uploaded because it looks as though the depths have changed in places at the entrance. The wreck mentioned near the Uplees NCM is on the new chart.
Faversham at last.
Written by Barbados Billy | 25th Sep 2016
You read about the place but I have never been, until now. We took a rising tide up the well marked channel, feeling for the best water. The chart plotter with its dotted line over the drying mud is a good indication of the position of the gut. Reaching the swing bridge we tied up to a staging on the north bank. We were moved on as dredging was about to take place. Probably why there was space. We managed to find a few feet on the end of the "town quay". Most of this space was taken up by a tug and floating digger. We moved at soon as the water allowed as there was a big sign saying "sewer". Further downstream there was a space on the concrete wall with a ladder and that was our home for a day or so. Folk on the quayside offered us water and electric from their adjacent appartment. Thanks for their kindness.
Sunken Trawler - Be careful!
Written by Winston | 18th Aug 2016
Last year a 55 foot trawler sank in the East Swale on the South side of the channel between Harty Ferry and the Fowley Spit ECB. Parts of the trawler are visible at low water, so you could easily get into trouble if you tried to sail over it. A North Cardinal Buoy named Uplees has been laid to mark the wreck - you need to obey it.

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Update April 2014
Written by dononshytalk | 11th Apr 2014
These notes were updated April 2014. No Changes
Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 19th Mar 2013
These notes were updated by Don T on 19th March 2013. The Faversham Spit Buoy (NCM) is now lit with a Q flash light otherwise very little has changed.
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