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Caernarfon Harbour (and Caernarfon Bar)

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


Admiralty 1464, 1970

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5 Knts Speed Limit


Caernarfon Bar...dangerous in onshore conditions, see text

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW = Dover -0130 MHWS 5.2m, MHWN 4.0m, MLWN 1.9m, MLWS 0.6m   (links)

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General Description

The reputation of the Caernarfon Bar and the Swellies is often enough.... ... read more


Unless entering the Menai Strait from the North and passing the Swellies,..... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Moorings for visiting boats are either in the small Victoria Dock Marina,.... ... read more

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Doc Victoria, Caernarfon 2024
Written by Charlie Bravo | 3rd May 2024
The marina now has a separate Ladies only shower and toilet area, a comfort for those who didn’t like the old mixed set up.
Fuel is available from the Doc Master at the pontoon below his watch tower office.
The small chandler Above the Brine, has a boat lift which can handle a 35 footer or a little larger, they would need a spring tide of 5 meters if you have a 1.9 M keel, and can fix most things if you have problems.
Once in, the water is 2 meters deep or more in most of the marina, but shallower if you come in and head straight towards the crane at Above the Brine, so come in and head port or starboard as directed by Robert the Doc Master , contact him prior to entry for clearance to enter.

Visiting here needs your charts updating to show buoy positions as they do get moved, and a wealth of information and sailing directions can be found at the Caernarfon Harbour Trust web site.
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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 6th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes in September 2022.. The Harbour website has been improved a lot in the last few years, some of the links have changed and we have updated ours to theirs. Be careful as some of the old pages still exist and if you use an old link you'll get old info. If you've downloaded a chartlet of the approach channel, check the date because they change that channel every year.
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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 2nd Aug 2021
I reviewed these notes in August 2021. All the information, including the harbours buoyage, has been updated. The only doubt is the provision and prices of buoys where you can tie up to await the Victoria dock flap gate. Landerne Pier (up river from the dock) is available but can be awkward to tie up to.
Update Summer 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 9th Jul 2019
We have uploaded the Caernarfon Bar chart. Note that the buoy positions differ from the latest charts produced by the Harbour Master
Extra-curricula activities
Written by Pardela | 27th May 2019
Caernarfon is a town that seems to enjoy tourists and you’ll find a warm welcome and lots of places to spend your evenings/money. There are two sailing clubs in the town, the Caernarfon Sailing club is right beside the marina, but if you venture a little further along the town wall you’ll find the Royal Welsh Yacht Club, which is not as pretentious as it sounds. There is no food apart from pork scratchings and the usual snacks, but the bar prices are good, the range of drinks is good too, and whenever I’ve been there have been interesting people to chat to. If the weather is good, the view of the setting sun from the terrace is itself worth the passage from Eire.
Caernarfon C9 to C11 shallow warning
Written by Macboatmaster | 26th May 2019
There is a large build up of sand between the C9 and C11 buoys. Depths are 0.5mtrs or more, less than datum.
Reference may be made to the Local NtoM 14/19

OR the main Harbour Trust site link

I know it reports 0.5mtrs but I believe it to be far more in some places. I have heard reports that it may be as much as 1.5mtrs
Written by Don Thomson | 3rd May 2018
First things, first; this years admiralty chart shows the C10 and C7 buoys in their rightful positions and is the one uploaded here. There is a link to the Caernarfon Bar chart on their website; I've down loaded the chart from our images because you can't really see it properly. Visiting charges have gone up - especially the charge for shore power in the marina.
C7 and C10 Menai Strait Caernarvon
Written by Macboatmaster | 18th Jul 2017
As previous post from Pezza - Mariners navigating this area should exercise caution if familiar with the previous position of C10 close in to the mainland shore. It has moved some considerable distance away from the Caernarvon shoreline. Confusingly there is a red mooring buoy in more or less the previous position of C10 and from a distance it is easy to confuse it has the C10 port hand mark.
The Caernarvon Harbour Trust Bar Chart does not of course show C10 and C7 and although the Harbour Trust NM lists the new positions the Chart BA1464 on the Harbour Trust site still shows the old positions.
The significant change can be seen easily when comparing BA1464 on the Harbour Trust Site or the one above with the latest online ones
I very nearly got it wrong today. Had checked bar buoy positions but those move regularly, C10 has never moved for years.
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Main channel Buoy positions C10 Red C7 Green
Written by Pezza | 17th Jul 2017
The charts shown 17/07/17 with positions of the cans shown for a passage over the Caernarfon Bar is out of date - also positions of cans C10 and C7 in the mid channel have changed - refer to the Caernarfon harbour website / notices to mariners / for updated positions www.caernarfonharbour.org.uk/notices-to-mariners/. These are important when approaching from over the bar travelling Eastwards towards Caernarfon.
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Written by Don Thomson | 19th Apr 2017
I reviewed these notes in April 2017. The prices in the Victoria Dock marina have gone up a little. The showers and toilets block has been in use for a while now and seems to be OK.
Facilities at Victoria dock.
Written by toughbook | 20th Apr 2015
Having recently visited Victoria dock I would like to update the comments re the new toilets and shower block. I have found them to be very clean, tidy and a credit to the staff! However they are unisex so please be considerate guys.
The dock master and staff are friendly helpful and knowlegable and I find berthing rates are less than at both Conwy and Holyhead marinas.
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The council Who Don't Care
Written by The Invisable Skipper | 22nd Oct 2013
I have to agree and support Captain Cook's comments about the facilities in Victoria Dock. the new toilet block (if it ever happens) will be Unisex and smaller than the present failities. The sad thing is that they could double the size of the proposed Toilet/shower block and make them male/ female, as the buildng they intend to use ( the old Mortuary) is twice the size of the proposal. We are told that they can't afford the extra work, but as anyone with any vision will know it would be cheaper to do it now than later. As they have now doubled the berths in the dock they should have sufficient funds to carry out the extra work. Unfortunately Gwynedd council don't seem to realise the extra money that is generated for the town by the berth holders and visitors. We are still awaiting the dredging which is years overdue. The river Seiont is like an open sewer and at low water the mud is now sometimes above water level and smells dreadfull. Come on Gwynedd pull your finger out!
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Facilities in Victoria Dock
Written by Captain Cooke | 29th Sep 2013
We are sorry to hear that the poor state of the toilets/showers spoiled the visit of The Pride of Man to Caernarfon, especially as they are a sailing yacht equipped for disabled people. As berth-holders we are fully aware that they are sub-standard. The good news is that plans have been approved for a new shower block in the former maritime museum. The bad news is that only part of the building will be used, there will be 4 toilet cubicles (including 1 disabled) and 2 shower cubicles (in fact, less than is currently available in the porta-cabins) and they will be adult/child uni-sex. The other half of the building will be a workshop?!
There has been no consultation with the berth holders about requirements and needs, despite them raising concerns about the plans (available on the Gwynedd Council website). Over the last year the capacity of the dock has increased 100% but Gwynedd Council has not increased the facilities to match this increase ie. car parking, shower/toilet or security in the north end of the dock. There is a serious silting problem on the wood yard side and we are often sitting in smelly storm drain discharge, effluent and sanitary products at low water. Also boats are often running aground in the dock on entering and leaving. It is obvious that the Marine Superintendent of Gwynedd Council has no regard for visiting yachts and berth-holders needs and requirements.
Caernarfon is a lovely place to visit and has much to offer but it is going to lose out simply because of the superior facilities available in Deganwy, Conwy and Holyhead. This is the one chance for the Council to create a marina with facilities that people require and expect, but sadly, we think that they have blown their chance with the plans they have. The staff of the Harbour Trust are second to none and we have never met more helpful, polite and friendly dock staff....such a shame that visitors will leave with such a poor impression of Caernarfon because of the under provision of hygiene facilities and the lack of dredging. It will only get worse year on year, and numbers will decline.
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Shower Block
Written by MissMack | 18th Sep 2013
My name is Chris, and I was Navigator on Pride of Man 11(sailing for the disabled) two weeks ago when we sailed overnight from the Isle of Man and made landfall first light at Trwyn Du Light house. We had a pleasant passage up to Caernarfon Marina on a glorious sunny day and were soon tied up alongside on a pontoon.

Location of the Marina is ideal ..taking a walk around the town etc..Its a shame the shower/toilet facilities are very basic..we had sailors with Disabilities in our crew and they didn't bother showering as the water was stone cold in the Disabled Unit. The other shower block was dirty and the floor was soaking wet..with such a well placed Marina a new shower/toilet block would be a welcome addition and make a visit to Caernarfon a pleasant experience..for taking time to read this, thank you Chris"

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Update 2 April 2013
Written by Cloughie | 5th Apr 2013
They have extended the marina on to both sides of the slipway. There is a separately gate for the new side. There is Wi-Fi at the bars around the dock. While the toilets are poor, there is also the Caernarfon Sailing Club or the Royal Welsh yacht in the town which both welcome yacht people. However while the facilities at the marina may be deemed to be of poor standard, they are always extremely clean. The Dockmaster is very helpful knowledge.

For a pilotage heads up, if you see breaking rollers on the beach at Belan point (before you have committed yourself, to the bar) and gone past muscle bank buoy, you can turned round and scuttle back to the dock and safety.
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Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 20th Feb 2013
The notes for Caernarfon were updated by Don T on the 20th February 2013. Be aware that they changed the buoyage over the Bar in 2012 so, if you have waypoints in your GPS from an earlier year, delete them and start again. We are advised that there will be a price increase of "one or two per cent" on the 2012 tariffs and the prices we have shown take that into account.
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Caernarfon Bar channel changes and marina facilities
Written by cynefin | 10th Aug 2011
As I write (10/08/11) the CB channel has changed from the one shown on the chart and has been re-buoyed recently. Advice to check with the Harbourmaster is sound, especially if transiting in poor vizibility. Caernarfon marina staff are excellent but, on the negative side, the toilet/showers at the marina would be poor in a third world country; in 21st century Britain they are a disgrace. Only a council owned marina could get away with it. Shame on you, GCC.
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Comment on Caernarfon Bar bouys
Written by Arghiro | 12th Nov 2010
The sands of the bar shift frequently, especialy after SW gales. It is recommended that first time entrants contact Richard at Caernarfon Harbour Trust or visit their web site ( http://www.caernarfon-hbr.demon.co.uk/ )to ascertain current bouy positions.
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