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Conwy (River) and Deganwy

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Courtesy Flag


Approx Position Fairway Buoy 53:17'.95 N 003:55'.58W


Admiralty 1463

Rules & Regulations

Speed Limit 10 knots between the Perch Light and Cymryd Point


Highly Tidal, Possible Danger in Strong Onshore Winds, see text

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW= Dover -0015 MHWS 7.9m, MHWN 6.2m, MLWN 2.6m, MLWS 1.1m   (links)

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General Description

Conwy Marina      tel 01492 593000  VHF#80
Deganwy Marina  tel 01492 576888   VHF#80
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Entrance to Conwy can be made in most conditions,.... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

There is really no room to anchor in the River, all available space ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 7th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes in early September 2022. The boat fire at Conwy on the last Sunday of August did hardly any damage to the infrastructure of that Marina. The two marinas are in competition, and we have given the prices but it's probably a swings and roundabouts thing.
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 2nd Aug 2021
I reviewed these notes in August 2021. All the links have been changed and a link to the Conwy approach chart provided. The link given by Me n my Moody (below) works but they do not carry a date on the buoyage positions
Prices have been updated
Harbour Approaches
Written by Me n my Moody | 27th May 2019
There is a list of buoys and marks plus a link to a useful "chart" of the buoyed approaches here:
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Written by Don Thomson | 17th Apr 2018
Deganwy Marina is under new management but essentially remains the same. At the time of going to press (mid April 2018) they were still organising their website but prices were available. Otherwise very little has changed.
Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 12th Apr 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2016. Quay Marine now has its own dredger so those problems are largely reduced. I have corrected the note re wall collapse - never happened!! Conwy has added a provisions shop. Prices have been updated.
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All tide access
Written by Bryant | 23rd Feb 2015
"I can assure you that Conwy marina never had all-tide access! True, nature has deposited silt in the basin and at the entrance, but access has always been more restrictive than access to the river.

Passage through the Swellies to Caernarfon via the Swatch to make it on a single tide has never been possible for a boat leaving the marina. The only option is to have a fast power boat.

I was sailing from Conwy as the tunnel was built, so have a certain amount of knowledge of the area."

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Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 20th Feb 2013
These notes were updated by Don T on the 20th February 2013. Prices now reflect those expected for 2013. The only change since the last update is that the Fairway buoy has been repositioned (and, of course, may be repositioned again!) and the C16 buoy is now lit.
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