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Pwllheli Harbour/ Marina (Hafan Pwllheli)

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


Near RW Safe Water Mark 52:53'.02 N 004:23'.08 W


Admiralty, 1512, 1971

Rules & Regulations



No particular hazards in the close approaches. Entrance channel now dredged, 2014

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW = Dover -0300 MHWS 5.0m, MHWN 3.4m, MLWN 1.9m, MLWS 0.5m   (links)

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General Description

Pwllheli is an important market town, and the unofficial capital of the Llyn Peninsular. ... read more


If approaching from the South attention needs to be paid to ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Call the Marina on VHF channel 80, callsign Hafan Pwllheli, to arrange your berth, or telephone 01758 701219. ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 20th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes in September 2022. I've noted the remarks made below about grounding in August 2021. I think that two hours before LWS that night (it was two days before full springs) might have been tempting fate a bit with a 1.5 metres draft (tide would have been 2 metres at best?) I've checked the buoyage at the entrance and those yellow buoys are not mentioned anywhere. Not sure went wrong there. The message is keep to the starboard side and with there being a record of "bumps," maybe approach with a healthy margin for error. No other changes.
Channel entry grounding hazards at night
Written by Patrick Leblanc | 18th Aug 2021
Hi, yesterday 17/08/2021, coming in pitch black night into the channel, I ran aground just at the entrance of the channel. We were at 2 hours before low tide, we draft 1,5meters.
There are 2 yellow buoys to pass between before aiming at the first green marker. They are uncharted and unlit, so I missed them. Had to wait 6 hours before being able to float again.
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 17th Aug 2021
I reviewed these notes in August. Read the notes in the three entries below; I've worked their advice into the main text but they are worth noting. Prices are up and they now have pump-out facilities
10 and 11th June 2021 update
Written by Ian_Edwards | 11th Jun 2021
I got in with a Southerly 46, keel almost fully up at around 14:30, on a LW spring tide of 1.0m at 16:05.
I can confirm the 3 shallow areas, noted below.
The Marina advised approximately 1.5m, and that seems about right.
Prices seemed more reasonable than last time, I was charged £39.45 for a14m yacht.
June 2021 depth
Written by Charlie Bravo | 9th Jun 2021
We draw 1.9m, and usually wait for tidal hight of 2.4m before exit or entry. Tested an entry at 2m tide hight June 7th and (with local knowledge of the channel) found 300mm clearance from keel to the sand in three areas, a bit close for us, the first just before the channel entrance, again just past the large port mark by the trots, and again just past the fishing boat pontoon, apart from these 3 areas the channel had approximately 1m clearance . So, if you make it passed the entrance you should get all the way in, stay centre channel until the PHM at the trots then stay to port of centre channel.
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Update Late August 2020
Written by Ian_Edwards | 15th May 2021
I arrived on the 23rd August 2020, at around highwater, there seemed to be plenty of water in the channel, draft 3.3m. Moored alongside the hammer head on pontoon 5A, plenty of water there at all states of the tide. Left on the morning of the 28th, about 2hour before low water. Very little water in the channel. My boat is a Southerly with a lifting keel, with the keel almost up, draft about 1m I was sanding the barnacles off the bottom.
I understand that the channel has been “levelled” in May 2021, no idea what that means, but be aware that there is likely to be very little water in the channel at the bottom of the tide.
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Written by Don Thomson | 19th Apr 2018
They've dredged the entrance this spring and will be "flattening" the bumps during May. Prices have gone up a bit. There were no adverse effects here during the Spring storms which affected Holyhead.
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Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 15th Apr 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2016. Prices have been updated. I have drawn attention to the unmarked shallows to the West of the marina hammerheads.
From a berth holder
Written by Steveh56 | 24th Aug 2014
There are now two yellow buoys marking entrance to channel. Go between these.

We draw 1.2 m and have entered & left on low neaps without any difficulty. Drive slowly and keep looking at the depth gauge!

Facilities very good, immaculately clean showers / toilets and very friendly sailing club. ( use back door If front is locked). They do good food at weekends.

Pwllelhi town is very lively at weekends with some good eateries & pubs. Wetherspoons gets very busy, so go early. It's called Pen & Cob, facing railway station .
Entrance Channel Spring 2014
Written by Bryant | 29th May 2014
It's been reported that the entrance channel and marina have now been dredged. See a complete set of photos in the "Navigation Images" that will show you the way in.

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