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Stranraer Marina and Loch Ryan

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


Stranraer Harbour 54:55' N 005:02' W


Admiralty 1403

Rules & Regulations

Many no anchoring restrictions in Loch Ryan, see chart


Fast Ferries, Wash

Tidal Data Times & Range

+0055 Dover MHWS 3.0m, MHWN 2.5m, MLWN 0.6m, MLWS 0.2m

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General Description

Stranraer Marina Office  VHF #14 (when office manned), tel 01776 706565 (often voicemail), mobiles 07827 277247 and 07734 073421.  Office is open 0800 to 1030 & 1500 to 1730
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When entering Loch Ryan, it's best to keep well clear of the Western side..... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

The arrangements for entering the new Marina are best seen on the plan, ... read more

Your Ratings & Comments

Written by Don Thomson 3 | 24th Aug 2022
No changes - but, if you are very deep keeled keep an eye on the depths from the Spit buoy in
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 19th Jul 2021
I've reviewed these notes in July 2021. Not a lot changed here. They now have a lift out facility and their prices have increased.
Update Summer 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 5th Jul 2019
These notes were reviewed in July 2019. Prices have changed and we've updated the charts.
Written by Don Thomson | 18th Apr 2017
I reviewed these notes in April 2017. The price per night has changed but little else.
Written by Thuggie | 28th Feb 2016
I am a berth-holder. The feedback from most of our visitors is good, with friendly welcome. There is ALWAYS space for a few more. Apart from a NW gale, the marina is well sheltered. Facilities in the town involve a trip for fuel (a local will usually offer you a lift) and there are general/agricultural engineers who will turn a hand to most repairs. There will soon be a lift-out facility.

The town is better served with good pubs and restaurants than ever - the Grapes is an excellent traditional pub with real ales; Henry's restaurant is a few hundred yards away for a little more gourmet experience; Craignelder great pub food and the North-West Castle is a grand dining room and good value. At the budget end there are good Indian and Chinese food and a Belhaven pub/Restaurant within 50 yards.

Good local butchers and bakers and supermarkets close by. rail and bus connections to Glasgow and Dumfries.

Portpatrick is a great day walk of about 10 miles on the Souther upland way - good footpath and quiet roads with the charm and restaurants that have been there for many years.

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Update 2015
Written by dononshytalk | 9th Apr 2015
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2015. There has been a slight change in prices since we last checked but much is the same. The harbour office hours may change this summer to become HO but until then they will remain split shift with a "long lunch".
Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 11th Mar 2013
The notes for Stranraer and Loch Ryan were updated by Don T on the 11th March 2013. The opening of the Loch Ryan Port terminal has left the South end of the Loch free of ferries and, whilst it has concentrated the ferry traffic on the East side of the Loch, it has made little difference to the cruising yachtsman. The provision of a Marina at Stranraer has greatly improved facilities there and the new prices for 2013 have been included
Lady Bay
Written by dononshytalk | 30th Jan 2012
I anchored overnight in Lady Bay in the early noughties and had a pleasant stop. Wash from the ferries didn't pose a problem though their coming and going was a bit noisy. I was North bound to the Clyde from Devon in a 22footer so stopping there saved a couple of hours (at least) of transitting up and down the loch. The bonus? As I was hauling in the chain to sail off the anchor an otter popped his head out of the water about ten yards off the port bow and said good morning - a lovely start to what was a memorable day's sail.
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Stranraer Marina
Written by Fearless Friend | 1st Oct 2010
This is an excellent council run facility with two of the most helpful harbour masters I have come across. Lesley and Peter will help out with any queries and give advice when its asked for.

I have berthed my 36 foot yacht here since the marina opened in August 2008 and the only drawback it has is its vulnerability to north east winds.

If there's a north east wind (or high northwest winds) forecast make sure that you tie up securely as the swell can be a bit on the wild side with the movement of the pontoons better than a visit to Blackpool pleasure beach.

As an aside, if you want to anchor at 'The Wig' (Wig bay) do not trust the marker buoys off the slipway. Most of them are NOT moorings and are not safe. And do use a trip line on the anchor. There are disused and unmarked moorings on the sea bed just waiting to claim your anchor. I have in the past dived and retrieved an anchor for a visitor and I know of one local who bent a fortress type anchor retreiving it by brute force from an old mooring chain.
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