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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


56° 37.7N 006° 03.0W


AC 2474-5 Tobermory Harbour; AC 2394 Loch Sunart; AC 2392 Sound of Mull Western Entrance; AC 2390-1Continuation of the Sound of Mull; Imray C65 Crinan to Mallaig & Barra (with Tobermory chartlet); Imray 2800 Isle of Mull and adjacent coast Chart Pack; SC 5611 15 & 15B West Coast of Scotland Pack:

Rules & Regulations

Do not anchor in the fishing boat lane to the central Pier which is marked by port & starboard canbuoys and stay clear of the CalMac Pier.


None apart from the proximity of the wreck in the Doirlinn Narrows

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Tobermory is HW Oban + 0020. MHWS 4.5m MHWN 3.5m MLWN 1.9m MLWS 0.9m   (links)

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General Description

Tobermory Harbour Association  01688 302876 or 07917832497 VHF #68
Harbour Garage (for diesel)  01688 302103 (used to be Mackay's)
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There are no problems in the approach through the main NE channel apart.... ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

On the West corner of the bay the THA has pontoon berths for..... ... read more

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Written by Don Thomson 3 | 6th Sep 2022
I reviwed these notes in August 2022. The layout of the pontoons has changed in the last few years. The refuelling point is no longer on the old hammerhead (which has gone) but on the new cruiser pontoon. I've a feeling that there are fewer yacht berths than before?
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 26th Jul 2021
I reviewed these notes in July 2021. They no longer have the old fairway past the Calmac Pier but want visiting yachts to enter the pontoons from due East in a new fairway marked by port and starboard lateral marks (lit) The rest is pretty well much the same.
Update Summer 2019
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 8th Jul 2019
These notes were reviewed in July 2019. There is a new pontoon which is basically an extension of the cruiser launches landing (There's a new photo in the gallery and I've put it on the harbour chart in the chart section. The extra visitors buoys mentioned below are, in fact, shown on Bob Bradfield's Antares chart of the bay. Pricing has changed and we've uploaded this year's charts.
4th July 2017
Written by Eclipse II | 31st Jul 2017
There are also 2 blue visitor moorings to the north of the buoyed fairway (inner one is in quite shallow water for 1.5 m draft vessels I am told and the outer one is in deeper water) off the fisherman's pier which are both well sheltered from N or NW swells and 2 further visitor moorings in Aros bay off the jetty down in the south end of the bay.
Update 2017
Written by Don Thomson | 8th Mar 2017
Tobermory is still the same. Their phase 6 development is on hold for funds and may require a total rethink for something less ambitious. They've increased their prices a wee bit for the coming season (up 10p per metre )
Update 2015
Written by dononshytalk | 9th Apr 2015
These notes were updated by Don in April 2015. I've added a bit about pricing but otherwise there are no changes.
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Food in Tobermory
Written by Captain Guy | 3rd Oct 2014
Cafe Fish: (above the Cal/Mac office) is superb but always pretty busy, worth phoning ahead. I've eaten there several times, always great.

Mishnish: - recently changed hands and is now run by the same team who have Lord of the Isles at Craobh Marina.
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Written by dononshytalk | 23rd May 2014
The typo in the Tidal Data has been corrected. Many thanks Gordon 7. We're sailors Gordon - forgive our imperfections!
Written by Gordon7 | 4th Feb 2014
MHWS AT&T 44.5m in text above? 4.45?
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Picturesque village & great facilities.
Written by Miura | 18th Oct 2013
Have visited several times & always enjoyed it. The pontoons were always available (late May/early June) so we could tie up. Showers & toilets were spotless. The village is very picturesque with lots of quaint shops, pubs, a distillery, chandlers & restaurants. Well worth a visit
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