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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


57 41.32N 002 34.86W (about half a mile North of harbour entrance)


AC 0222 Buckie to Fraserburgh; AC 1462-9 Banff & Macduff; C23 (Imray) Fife Ness to Moray Firth; SC5617-7A Banff to Buckie

Rules & Regulations

None known


Reef (unmarked) out to 3 cables NE of Knock Head. Rocks on South side of harbour entrance. (marked by two white poles with white triangles atop)

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Whitehills is HW Aberdeen -0130 MHWS 3.9m MHWN 3.1 MLWN 1.7 MLWS 0.7m

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General Description

Harbour Master Office 01261 861291 Mobile 07906 135786
Buccaneer Chandlery  01261 835199 Mobile 07734 874750
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The channel in to Whitehills is fairly narrow (a feature it has in common with many of the harbours on this coast) ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

As has been said you will berth alongside the long pontoon ... read more

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Whitehills - a good place for a bit of rest before crossing the Morray Firth.
Written by Barbados Billy | 25th Jun 2014
Bertie, the harbour master has always been most helpful on my three visits. I have dried out to scrub, moved into the inner harbour for a nice quiet couple of days, enjoyed some chats and been helped out getting spares. There are good facilities there including a pleasant crew room and laundry, along with some spotless showers. Free wi-fi is available but I could only get it at high water but no problem in the crew room. An extension lead for the dongle cured this wee problem.

Music nights at the hotel are great, as are the delightful Spey whiskies. There are shops for most essentials with buses to larger towns for everything else.
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