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East and South of Ireland

Port Operations  VHF12   tel no +353 (0) 21 481 1380  
Cork City Marina    tel no +353 (0) 21 427 3125
Royal Cork Yacht Club VHF M  tel no +353 (0) 21 483 1023  
Crosshaven Boatyard Marina VHF M tel no +353 (0) 21 483 1161  
Salve Marina     tel no +353 (0) 21 483 1145
East Ferry Marina    tel no +353 (0) 21 481 3390
Cork Harbour Marina   tel no +353 (0) 21 484 1031 or (0) 873669009 (mob)

The area of sheltered water known as “Cork Harbour” is very much like Milford Haven across the St Georges Channel in SW Wales in that it has a moderately wide entrance with shallow water in the middle of the entrance and which then opens out into an expanse of water which houses oil, gas and container terminals as well as general cargo docks. On top of this there are five marinas and a sixth being developed along with possibilities for anchoring. 

The shores vary from being wooded and idyllic to industrial and ‘orrid. It is extremely popular as a venue for yachties both local and visiting. For a summer’s cruise from UK one has the choice of either going  to Kilmore, pottering along to Cork before returning to UK or vice versa; it depends very much on time, weather and crew; it’s about a day and a half from Padstow/Scillies at four kts.

Most yachtsmen make for the facilities in Crosshaven as it is the closest to the entrance and has three marinas and a pier/pontoon but this is very busy in the summer; others will prefer to book ahead and wander up to the East Ferry Marina in the East Passage surrounded by woodlands whilst yet others might prefer to work their way up through the West Passage past Cobh (pronounced “Cove”) to Cork City itself where there is now a pontoon with limited room in the middle of the city just below the Michael Connolly bridge.

Cork Harbour Marina is a new marina under development in Monkstown Bay opposite the Cork Dockyard. At the moment it has 90 berths with berths reserved for 8 visitors and has planning and, more importantly, the finance for a further 200 berths. They have not yet built their main facilities block but have access to toilets and showers at a local sailing club.  This will be welcome addition to the facilities in Cork Harbour as the present ones are oversubscribed. ... read more

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