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Isle of Man-Castletown and Derby Haven

Wales, NW England, IoM

Harbour Keeper VHF 12     tel no  +44 (0) 1624 823549 (0900 to 1630)

Castletown has a long history reaching back in the times of the Vikings and has a medieval castle which was once the home of kings and the centre of government on the Isle of Man.  It was mainly a fishing and commercial port in better times, but the commercial activity is no more and there is only a small fishing fleet.

The harbour is situated in the North Western corner of the bay and consists of several parts; an outer harbour which extends back as far as a swinging footbridge and is protected by a breakwater (the South Pier) along its south side and divided by a short pier with a small lighthouse at its end; the middle harbour beyond the swinging footbridge and further in, behind a fixed bridge, there is the inner harbour suitable for small motor boats that can get under the bridge (about 1.5m air draft).  The various quays all have different names as shown on our chartlet.  All of these harbours dry so are no use to you if you cannot take the ground.  In any weather from the SW through to the SE this is not a good place to be.

Castletown is what some people might call “quaint”; its streets were formed long before the motor car happened and so are narrow and windy (It used to be a brilliant stage on the Isle of Man Car Rally!!).  The whole of the harbour area is dominated by the Castle, the quaysides are narrow, the whole atmosphere is very olde worlde and, on a sunny day, an absolute delight. Trouble is that it is such a lovely spot you may have to share it with a lot of other people on a summer’s weekend. ... read more


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