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A one off subscription can improve safety and save you money.    It's a small investment that just keeps giving...

OK what's this ?...     just click the button on the far right of the viewer itself:  

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This is just to demonstrate "Full Screen" capability

Flash player needed to view the above chart, ipad/tablet compatible samples ..scroll down this page


This particular chart is a good example of the superbly detailed chart coverage available in UK waters. Make it go "Full Screen", drag and pan around, enlarge or reduce to get the view you want. Full screen charts are best enjoyed on the largest screen monitors you have !  Although online charts are "Not to be used for navigation purposes", there are plenty of uses.. read on.   Also see: Legal Stuff...Terms and Conditions


There are 1000's of pages of freely given information on this site, but FULL MEMBERS have access to another area of the site altogether.. an exclusive place where non members can't go. With over £12,000's worth of charts & tide tables viewable in some unique ways:



visichart view

This is a VisiChart

For a one off non repeating fee of just £25 you can become a valued member of VisitMyHarbour (let's put that £25 into perspective...  it's the cost of a one off pub evening with friends, a few gallons of fuel, an hour or two of work.. not a big deal)

So how can this service be of use to ME ?

For yachtsmen, motorboaters, charterers, sea anglers, divers, trailer sailers and kayakers:

  • New Feature:  Paid members can now directly download PDF versions of our harbour coverage from the "Expanded" view of each harbour. One click download, save the PDF(s) on your PC or tablet for offline use at sea.
  • Ipad and Android tablet users:  The free part of this site uses a Flash Player to display the charts and tide tables. Paid members can view all the tide tables full screen in HTML5 for tablets, and all the charts in the members area have HTML5 versions.
  • Use the UK/Ireland streaming VisiCharts to really get a real feel for the scale of a creek, harbour or marina...before you go charging in. No other chart can do this...scroll down for samples. Note VisiCharts won't work on mobile devices, only PCs or Macs.
  • Passage Planning:  If you get familiar with Google Earth, you can use our streaming VisiCharts to actually plan your passages from marina pontoon to sea and back into new harbours.  You lay the required charts over Google Earth (you can load mulitple charts), then use built in Google Earth features to create a series of named or numbered waypoints, measure distances, get courses...
  • Use our standard full screen online charts (like the Falmouth one near the top of this page) to check out new locations, with marina details and contacts printed on large scale charts. Even in the pub the night before on your iPad/Android if you have a connection... scroll down to see the charts and areas available to you.
  • Make A4 prints of portions of charts strictly for your own personal study (not for navigation, fair dealing principles apply)  See the small print (near bottom of page) for full terms and condition
  • The new (and not available anywhere else) 400+ monthly tide tables will also go "Full Screen" for you, enabling you to get a full month of high/low water times on screen at once.
  • WARNING: Are your paper or electronic charts dangerously out of date ?   How would you know ?  See how easily you can check if your paper charts need renewing or can be manually updated.. TSS schemes, new windfarms, buoyage changes. Use the online full screen or VisiCharts in conjunction with NTMs to correct your paper charts. (all UK charts in the members area are less than 12 months old).

  • Planning to charter a boat in a new area Check out the cruising grounds beforehand with the online charts, get an idea of where you could go, anchor, moor up... the Google Earth versions are particularly good for really seeing what a place is like

  • Hefty discounts on our "For Navigation" products

    MORE:downloadable pilotage
  •  Do your planning anywhere with an Internet connection, home, work, or even onboard with a mobile dongle and signal.
  • Trailer Sailer's...use the online charts to plan your forays...locate slipways and other useful services direct from the charts.
  • Members are not just numbers, but highly valued customers, we are committed to providing a personal service, we sort out technical problems on the phone, answer emails promptly. Our background is face to face retailing.
  • More and more of our work is going behind the paywall and available to members only,
  • How about downloadable PDF versions of our own pilotage coverage ?    NEW FEATURE: Paid members can DIRECTLY download our harbour coverage in PDF format from the "Expanded" version of the harbour page. Save the PDFs to PC or Tablet of offline use at sea.

Yes, year after year you can use your membership to access up to date charts (no UK charts more than 12m old are displayed) of your chosen areas.  Check and correct you paper charts, passage plan using the streaming VisiChart versions, etc. all on an ongoing basis. This makes VisitMyHarbour membership an almost essential tool for boat owners and charterers.  Add to that VMH members get HEFTY DISCOUNTS on all the electronic "For Nav" chart products we make too.

Gain online access to 1667 zoomify charts/plans that will fill your whole screen with chart. Make a secure one off payment of £25, get intant ongoing access.

What are online VisiCharts ?

Make the zoomify viewer below go "Full Screen", click the RH button on the bottom toolbar. You can see some we've been looking at:




  • NEW.. Now for full members we are streaming all UK/Ireland charts in a form that drape themselves over Google Earth imagery... yes our own VisiCharts, but ONLINE.
  • Truly visualise your destination and know what to expect, other charts can't really help.  The combination of satellite imagery and overlaid chart is stunning.
  • Quilted chart layers make ordinary raster charts behave like vector charts, but with far more detail.  No need to keep changing charts, the best scale pre-loaded chart for the depth of view is presented automatically.
  • Familiarity:  Why use a strange, new, and difficult to get used to program... VisiCharts harness the powerful geo-browser engine in Google Earth, a tool you probably already use.   Tools already built into GE can handle simple routes and waypoints. 
  • For PCs and Macs, these will not work on mobile devices
  • Choose and view your selected charts in conjunction with satellite imagery, with variable transparency. You need Google Earth already installed (Tip..find that transparency slider)
  • Load up multiple charts... they meld themselves together magic !
  • Tilt and rotate the view for 3D effects

If you already have Google Earth installed you can try a sample VisiChart now.  Start up Google Earth, check it's working OK, the blue marble icon below:

Download KML
NEW Try Streaming VisiCharts draped over Google Earth imagery with variable transparency, (not mobile devices)   Find and use the "Variable Transparency" Slider.  You may need to click the downloaded KMZ file to launch Google Earth
Important note: This is an experimental service, still in it's second beta stage, we reserve the rights to change, modify or withdraw this at any time. Only UK and Ireland charts in GE at present, these are strictly NOT FOR NAVIGATION and not for mobile devices.

Let's find out some more and try some other samples

Standard full screen charts in the members area

PC/Mac, click icon below to view several "Full Screen" samples

PCs, Macs, Laptops and Android mobile devices using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and many other browsers with Flash capability  Click the icon to see listings with samples in each folio.

iPad, Androids and other devices without a Flash Player,

Paid-up members of VisitMyHarbour have access to members area charts and tide tables in HTML 5 format (no Flash player needed).  In our experience these HTML5 charts in an Android environment work best when using Google Chrome browser on your tablet. On ipads the standard Safari browser handles these fine. If on a tablet, try the examples below:


Falmouth Chart HTML5

Approaches to Oban HTML5

Dover 2017 tide table HTML5

Aberdeen 2017 tide table HTML5


Apart from the examples above, all other charts on this page will ONLY work in PCs, Macs and Android devices with Flash...  iPad and Google Earth charts are in the members area.

Not just 100% chart coverage of the UK and Ireland, now other international areas in "Full Screen" zoomify format and HTML5 iPad compatible versions. These are standard raster charts, same as the paper ones you are used to using.

magazine write up

For the international blue water voyager, the magnificent and growing chart collection on display offers a unique opportunity to study and plan your next voyage. Plan landfalls, prepare alternative plans, work out what charts you really DO need to buy, and which you can live without. For a transatlantic circuit, or a trip to the Med via the sea route, all the charts you need are here online. Many are detailed enough to use as harbour plans... anchorages in the Cape Verdes, West Indian landfalls, the Spanish Rias, etc.

This definitive information is all available FULL SCREEN online for the first time ever, here and now. UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, the West Indies, we have 1667 charts and plans for you to study.

See small print (near bottom of page) for listings and full details


"VisitMyHarbour's new UK and international  "full screen" chart packages are a unique and one off service, available only to paid members. This is the  only place  you will be able to get this level of raster chart access online. For little more than the cost of just one paper chart, members get ongoing and continuing access to 1667+ charts/plans, 400+ Full Screen UK/Irl tide tables... PLUS a growing and interesting range of free downloads are coming online now"
Online Tide Tables ?


There are plenty of sites online where you can get the next 7 days tide predictions, such as Easy Tide, BBC, etc.  There are also sites dotted about (such as certain marina websites) that will give you the whole years predictions for that one particular location. Now VisitMyHarbour have launched another first:  Full monthly tide tables for the year ahead for over 400 UK/Ireland locations, all shown in that versatile "Full Screen" Zoomify viewer:

What's this ?...    Double click image to enlarge, click the button on the far right of the viewer itself to go FULL SCREEN

                                                                    Click the button above ^
Not for Navigation Purposes 

Make the viewer go "full Screen"... now drag the tables around and see how you can get a whole months tide times showing all at once.  This one is for Blyth in the NE. 

Casual site visitors can see these tide tables too, but thay are restricted to viewing them in a small viewer only.  Members automatically get FULL SCREEN access to all these tide tables.  This enables them to be seen as they were designed to be seen.

Compatibility: PC/Mac/Android with Flash player.  Not compatible with iPad/phone just yet.

New June 2015==- Full members now have access to HTML5 Tide Tables, work great on iPads and Android

Gain online access to 1667 zoomify charts/plans that will fill your whole screen with chart. Make a one off secure payment of £25, instant ongoing access.


Who are we ? 

VisitMyHarbour is an award-winning website, that has been providing free UK pilotage information and charts to small craft mariners for 6 years now. VisitMyHarbour has gone from strength to strength, the free harbour coverage has doubled and you will find us well indexed on Google. The website attracts between 1900 and 2700 unique visitors a day. VMH has attracted nearly 3800+ paid members since 2010 (inc. some very well known yachting names) and who's interests range from hot air balooning to navigating in the Fastnet. VisitMyHarbour is an approved Trading Standards Scheme member.  The "Buy With Confidence" logo is not given lightly... Our service is second to none, see some recent comments:


Customers have said:

"..., you are wonderful. This kind of service is something I have not met for years in the yachting world where everybody appears to have been born with all nautical knowledge possible and look down upon people who are still at their first steps - elderly though they may be. But if one starts sailing at 55, one is bound to feel apprehensive and feeble at many nautical issues. One wants to look ahead as far is possible in order to be able to tackle only those difficulties that are not to be foreseen whatsoever.
Again, thank you"

"Wow,  That's what I call a fast service! Thanks very much,..."

"Thanks very much for your very prompt and considered's that 'John Lewis' standard of customer service again that you're becoming known for."

"...– bless you – especially for your honesty – so many people these days attempt to flannel their way out of things it is refreshing to get an “Oops, sorry” reply.  And of course – me being me I assumed that I was being dense!!"


Our all-important chart data is licensed directly and updated regularly.  VisitMyHarbour is UK based at: 36 High Street, Cowes,  Isle of Wight PO31 7RS, our customer service number is 01983 293757, with lines manned from 11 AM to 4 PM weekdays.

VisitMyHarbour run a tight ship with low overheads and do not rely on taking advertising. We are here to stay, and the site is run by people with over 40,000 miles hands on seagoing experience, and 25 years of hard won hands on business experience.  Since launching in July 2009 (after 18m preparation) this on-line pilotage guide has attracted favourable comments for it's usefulness to all leisure harbour users:  

“ An absolute treasure trove of charts and port descriptions for anyone navigating around the coast of the UK”   Steve Harris. Maritime insurance expert, 20 years as a marine underwriter at Lloyd's.
"Very informative, the need to knows and the nice to knows.  Im planning on kicking off next season with a trip down from Lowestoft. These pages will be at the center of my planning."  J.P
"Hi there...this is great information, but I have only just discovered you - are you new? When did you start? Did you have charts on the site last year? It is an excellent quick reference."  MJ


And after a preview of the chart viewing system:

“Finally wearing my RNLI Sea Safety Hat I would suggest that your software and chart facility provides an excellent planning facility , quality passage plans are an important ingredient to Sea Safety”   David Humphrey, Hon. Sec Burnham-on-Sea Motor Boat and Sailing Club

Users of the chart viewing system have kindly said:

"This online resource saves you money as you can see the navigation details online while planning your cruise and maybe just end up purchasing a few charts rather than the many it would take to plan a whole cruise....You can view the charts online and zoom in and out and pan around the chart to see what the destination looks like. All features of the charts are seen".
 "Well done and many thanks for making this service available at a sensible price. It's long overdue and extremely welcome!"   Mr B.P.
"...I must say absolutely superb presentation. The best anti-aliasing I have ever seen. Prefer the full screen viewer."   Mr S.M
"Really enjoying the charts, and dreaming. Thanks."  Mr C.
"I have been very taken with the online charts of UK waters available from a website called VisitMyharbour..."   Julian Swindell...See Julian's Blog


Try another sample chart of the Caribbean...  go on you know you'd love to do that Atlantic crossing.

See the stunning detail available using the special full-screen viewer below:

Launch "FULL SCREEN" press the button at the right hand side of the viewer.  Impressive ?  


"View all the charts in our "Full Screen"  drag and pan viewer above, get rid of all the clutter on your screen and let the charts speak for themselves, the detail is stunning, the accuracy is renowned.  These zoomify charts are based on the same ones used by 70% of the world's shipping, and the authoritative source of information for UK and Irish waters and you can have all these up-to-date charts at your fingertips right now"


The one off cost of ongoing membership which includes access to this magnificent collection is £25.

One standard paper chart costs £21.35.  You have unlimited* access to our massive online collection for £25, at full-size and resolution, with every detail perfectly formed.  It's a no-brainer... this is not some home-made e-book or course promising you lots and delivering little.  This is a unique and valuable collection,  (£12,810 would buy the paper charts).  VisitMyHarbour online charts are based on the same charts trusted by professional mariners worldwide... They are now displayed online as never seen before by the leisure market.  We believe we now have more charts online than the National Maritime Museum!

Want to talk to a real person and ask questions ? Call 01983 293757 office hours.
How does it work ?  From any connected computer you can login and access your charts from now onwards.  The service works wherever you have a reliable Internet connection, and YES it works with mobile dongles !   No recurring fees - EVER
The Small Print: Please read carefully:

These online charts and tide tables are "Not for Navigation" purposes. (In common with charts and plans in pilot books and Almanacs)   Membership is an online chart VIEWING service, it's not a chartplotting navigation system, you can't connect GPS input to it, plot AIS on it etc.  See Legal notices and conditions. Memberships are for individuals only, not clubs or organisations.
Listings of full screen charts available for members:
UK and International Charts, Lists of what's available


PCs and Macs with browsers that support Flash Player (98% of all):  All full screen charts, full screen versions of "free" harbour charts around the site, all Zoomify tide tables.

PCs and Macs with Google Earth installed: All UK/Ireland online VisiCharts within members area in addition to above.  No international VisiChart coverage at present.

Android devices with Flash Player installed: All full screen charts, full screen versions of "free" harbour charts around the site, all Zoomify tide tables. Not compatible with Google Earth VisiCharts.  No Flash Player ?   Use the HTML5 versions of members charts and tide tables.

iPad/phone: All full screen charts / tidal strreams within the members area have HTML5 versions NEW- june 2015- HTML5 Tide Tables for members only.. Not compatible with "free" harbour charts, or Google Earth VisiCharts.

We will be displaying all the UK/Irish charts that are available. There are however a couple of exceptions where copyright issues prevent us from displaying the whole chart.  A 12 month rolling replacement scheme will ensure UK charts are always up to date, urgent replacements will be made quarterly. International charts: Our growing collection is going online as fast as possible. It stands at 1667 charts/plans online, with input from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Brazil amongst others. International charts are updated less frequently. No detailed French coverage at present.

One off Membership fee:

This does not expire and there's no more to pay.  How long does this last ?  As long as this site is running, and the UKHO continue to license us (been running 6 years now and growing all the time).  There will be no partial refunds in the future, and we cannot be held responsible for events outside of our control.  We are a bona-fide business, and have achieved the Trading Standards buy with confidence logo.  


All Windows and Macs have built in capabilities for screen-shotting anything on your screen at the time.  WARNING if you use these built in features to screen-shot and then print bits of chart images, the resulting printout IS NOT A NAVIGATION CHART.  Printing of A4 chartlets from the material on this site is considered "Unauthorised Reproduction" by the UKHO.  Under the well established doctrine of "Fair Use", you are legally allowed to make prints for "private study" amongst other things:  MORE INFORMATION...CLICK


VisitMyHarbour are licensed to display these charts online. Most of the charts/UK tide tables displayed on this site are British Crown Copyright 2015, and are displayed for your own personal use. You are strictly forbidden to use any of these images in your own websites, distribute copies of them, or e-mail copies of them to anyone.  Links Policy

OR for those who want to try out actually NAVIGATING on electronic charts,  have a look at our own "Charts for SeaClear" which can turn your Windows laptop into into a real time navigation tool, pre-loaded with all 800+ Uk/Ireland raster charts.... for £29.50 !  This is a "Buy and Keep" physical product, not an online service. Click HERE for full information.

Membership Summary:

  • Unique Service, you will not find this service anywhere else with full screen charts or tide tables.
  • Price, £25 for ongoing access represents exceptional value, no more to pay.
  • UK/Irish Charts are always updated, there is nothing more than one-year-old online. International charts may not need such regular replacement, being mainly smaller scale and based on older surveys in general. Tide tables are renewed in Dec for the coming year.
  • Uses include, passage planning and lifting waypoints, blue water and local passage planning, updating paper charts, locating new cruising, fishing, diving or trailer sailing grounds.
  • Members have unlimited access 24/7 from any online computer.
  • Derived from the definitive source of hydrographic information for the UK and Ireland. Browse some of the renowned international coverage. View charts from DHN-Brazil.
  • No fuss instant access available now: You could be studying these charts within five minutes.
  • Valued members have access to a growing and useful selection of MB intensive downloads.

Join NOW and have access to the best up-to-date charts and tide tables for years to come.



When you join up with, you are not enriching the coffers of some moneygrubbing PLC.  You're not paying £7.50+ for some smeared 2 page black and white photocopy from an archived magazine.  You are able to examine in the finest detail over £12,810's worth of up-to-date charts.

When you pay the one off £25 membership fee, you are helping us continue our research and FREE pilotage coverage, eg: another 55 harbours went on in 2012, and 25 more are ready to upload.

You're not accessing illegal, ripped off, hacked and cracked C-Map charts. Nor are you dealing with a shark of a broker in a smart blazer, and half a dozen dodgy companies he's laundering your hard earned money through. You are dealing with genuine hands on boating enthuiasts, who work hard and love the sea.

Paid up member or not, we endeavour to answer all your enquiries and help in any way we can.  We truly do believe in the brotherhood of the sea, and aim to work in a spirit of co-operation.  We are in the ongoing process of gathering and building up the best and most up to date pilotage information available for UK waters, and with your support we'll accomplish it.

We are also now making top selling "for navigation" chartplotter  packages for your laptop, and for Android. Please support our work by joining up as a member.

It may also be fashionable to knock the UKHO in some circles, grumbling about taxpayers money etc.  The fact is they provide the source information for all things nautical around our coasts, licence their copyright data, and stand on their own feet as a trading fund without taxpayers money. Long may it remain that way.

Best Regards,



   Mackenzie,       Bryant    and   Thomson


PPS: If you have any enquiries or questions simply phone customer services.  Likewise if you have any problems accessing your charts or are unhappy in any way in with your purchase simply call us on 01983 293757 Sun-Fri 11am-4.00pm

Rather not chat ?  Contact Us Now: Contact Us

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