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Thames 2, London (Thames Barrier to Tower Bridge)

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


Admiralty 2484, SC5606

Rules & Regulations

See PLA guide, Unrestricted Speed limit in this area.


Floating Debris, Tripper and Heavy Commercial Traffic.

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Dover + 0250 at London Bridge approx, MHWS 7.0m, MHWN 5.9m, MLWN 1.3m, MLWS 0.5m at London Bridge   (links)

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General Description

This article deals with the facilities available to yachtsmen and motorboaters in the stretch of the River Thames from the Thames Barrier up to Tower Bridge.

Once past the Thames Barrier (the details of handling this are dealt with in the Thames 1 article), you will really begin to feel that you are in the city. The Millennium Dome, the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich, the skyscrapers of the Canary Wharf, and finally the unmistakable skyline of the City of London with its "gherkin" building all heave into view one after another.

Progress is then blocked for masted vessels at Tower Bridge.

There is considerable River traffic, including heavy barge trains and fast tripper boats. A sharp eye needs to be kept also for drifting debris which could foul a prop, or even bend the shaft.

There are three marinas that can cope with visitors, all of them entered via locks. They can get busy and full therefore it is best to book your berth in advance... ... read more


The area described is approached by passing through the Thames Barrier, as covered elsewhere. It is worth noting that this can sometimes be closed totally for testing so therefore it would be worth checking with them when planning your journey inwards or outwards.

Details of closures are normally broadcast on VHF channel 14, or you could telephone them on 020 8855 0315. The Port of London authority issues notices to Mariners concerning this also. The following link covers Thames Barrier closures for the summer of 2015: ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

This section deals with the mooring possibilities for the visiting yachtsman or motorboater, including South Dock Marina, Limehouse Basin and St. Katherine's Yacht Haven. The PLA has a Google map on its website showing all facilities on the banks of the Thames and can be accessed at:

Once through the Thames Barrier and heading up River within a mile you will come to the Greenwich Yacht Club on your port side. They have new premises including the club room built on a pier, and the conspicuous slipway. They also have many moorings and maintain one for visitors. There is a pontoon in front of the club with all tide access, and they can lift boats up to 12 tons and 40ft. The club is open Tuesday evenings plus all weekends, offering all the usual clubhouse facilities.

By arranging with them in advance, it may be possible to use one of their moorings and their facilities.... even possibly being able to use that all tide pontoon overnight. They will charge you £20 per night (irrespective of length) but be aware that with the increase in clipper traffic it may be bumpy on their pontoon (need plenty of fenders)  There are plans here to lay three visitors buoys capable of taking several boats at once. Telephone them on 0208 858 7339, or check the link to their website below: ... read more

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