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Ardfern Yacht Centre and Loch Craignish

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


56 10.34N 05 32.00W


AC 2326-0 Loch Crinan to Firth of Lorne, SC5611-12, Imray C65 Crinan to Mallaig (no plan Ardfern), Imray Chart Pack 2800.2 Loch Crinan to Garbh Eileach, Antares Chart Head of Loch Craignish

Rules & Regulations

None known


Corryvreckan and the Dorus Moir. Sgeir Dhubh Rock and reef to NW of it.

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW is approx 45min after HW Oban and the range at springs is about 1.5 metres but times & Heights very much affected by wind and pressure.   (links)

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General Description

Ardfern Yacht Centre  01852 500247, VHF #80,

Ardfern at the head of Loch Craignish is possibly one of the best known marinas on the West Coast, probably because it is the first one North of Crinan that Clyde sailors come across as they leave the Crinan Canal!  It is also useful as a jumping off point for the Canal when returning, especially as it is more sheltered than Loch Crinan.  It was also one of the earliest to be established on the West Coast. ... read more


We have given a waypoint halfway up the loch abeam Eilean Mhic Chrion.  To get there from the North or West you will have to pass through the Dorus Mhor which is a complicated piece of water because, although deep, the tidal streams around it split and form back eddies and overfalls. These eddies and overfalls can be extreme in strong weather but in settled weather are not too much of a problem. ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Your choices are to go alongside a pontoon if there is one available, pick up a mooring or anchor to the North of the moorings (but there may not be room here as most of the “good” spots are taken up by private moorings)
Ardfern Yacht Centre also has five moorings in the Lagoon on the left hand side away from the mooring association buoys. ... read more

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