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NOTICE 1:  The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and its licensors make no warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to this product. The UKHO and its licensors have not verified the information in this product or quality assured it.

British Crown Copyright, 2014

NOTICE 2:  If you use your "print" facility or capture screenshots of chart images displayed on this website for printing, you are " making unauthorised reproductions of Crown Copyright material"

Any unauthorised prints that you make are still "Crown Copyright",  but equally importantly,  the prints are  NOT A NAVIGATION CHART.  You should always use official, updated,  paper charts for navigation purposes.

NOTICE 3:  FAIR DEALING , is a doctrine which provides an exception to UK copyright law. This could apply to screenshots and prints in the following circumstances:

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA), fair dealing is limited to the following purposes: research that you do not make any money from or for private study, or for educational courses (sections 29, 30, 178).  Ref: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/copy/c-other/c-exception/c-exception-research.htm

To qualify as fair dealing, what you do must be fair to the copyright owner, which means, among other things, not using too much and not damaging his commercial interests .. and you must acknowledge the author and give the title of the work ( if your research will be seen by others)

An example of what may be permissible is an individual printing off an A4 hard copy of a portion of a chart for his/her own private study, or educational use.

An example of what is not permissible is printing multiple copies of the same portion of a chart and handing them out to others for planning a club rally,  etc.

The above paragraphs are for your guidance only, if in doubt, take legal advice.

NOTICE 4:  If you do use screengrab software or print chartlets from this site be aware of the following limitations:

1. The charts have no Lat/Long markings at the bottom and sides.  Therefore you can't plot a position on a print.

2. The charts have no scale markings, therefore you can't plot yourself using distance and bearing.

3. If you use "shrink to fit" when printing, the images can become elongated, compressed or otherwise distorted into something that is not a true representation of what was originally on your screen.

Conclusion: You should never try to navigate (as in plot your position) on a printout.  Printouts, should you choose to make them, are for your own private study and research, NEVER for any commercial purpose.


This website has been derived in part from material obtained from the UK Hydrograpic Office with the permission of the UK Hydrographic Office and Her Magesty's Stationery Office and the following authorities :

United Kingdom
- Aberdeen Harbour Board
- Argyll & Bute Council
- Associated British Ports – Ayr & Troon
- Associated British Ports – Barrow
- Associated British Ports – Cardiff & Barry
- Associated British Ports – Fleetwood
- Associated British Ports – Garston
- Associated British Ports – Humber
- Associated British Ports – Ipswich
- Associated British Ports – King"s Lynn
- Associated British Ports – Lowestoft
- Associated British Ports – Newport
- Associated British Ports – Plymouth
- Associated British Ports – Silloth
- Associated British Ports – Southampton
- Associated British Ports – Swansea & Port Talbot
- Associated British Ports – Teignmouth
- Belfast Harbour Commissioners
- Blyth Harbour Commission
- Cattewater Harbour Commissioners (Cattewater, Plymouth)
- Chichester Harbour Conservancy
- Clydeport Operations Limited
- Cromarty Firth Port Authority
- Cowes Harbour Commission
- Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority
- Dover Harbour Board
- Environment Agency (Dept of the Environment)
- Falmouth Harbour Commissioners
- First Corporate Shipping Limited (Bristol)
- Folkestone Harbour Company (Folkestone)
- Forth Ports plc
- Fowey Harbour Commissioners
- Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners
- Gloucester Harbour Trustees
- Great Yarmouth Port Authority (Great Yarmouth)
- Hampshire County Council (Hamble, River Hamble)
- Harwich Haven Authority
- Heysham Port Limited
- Highlands and Islands Enterprise
- Imerys Minerals Ltd (Par)
- Inverness Harbour Trust (Inverness, Inverness Firth)
- King's Lynn Conservancy Board
- Langstone Harbour
- Larne Harbour Limited (Larne, Cairnryan)
- Lerwick Port Authority
- Littlehampton Harbour Board
- Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners
- Manchester Ship Canal Company
- Mersey Docks & Harbour Company (Mersey, Liverpool, Birkenhead)
- Milford Haven Port Authority
- Montrose Port Authority
- Newhaven Port and Properties Limited
- Orkney Islands Council
- Padstow Harbour Commissioners
- PD Teesport
- Peel Ports Medway (Port of Sheerness Ltd)
- Peterhead Port Authority (Peterhead Bay, Peterhead Harbour)
- Poole Harbour Commissioners
- Port of Boston Limited
- Port of London Authority
- Port of New Ross
- Port of Sunderland
- Port of Tyne Authority (Tyne)
- Port of Wisbech Authority
- Port of Workington
- Portland Harbour Authority Limited
- Ports of Truro & Penryn
- Portsmouth Commercial Port
- Salcombe Harbour
- Seaham Harbour Dock Company
- Scrabster Harbour Trust
- Shetland Islands Council
- Shoreham Port Authority
- Stena Line Ports Limited (Fishguard, Fleetwood, Holyhead,  Stranraer)
- Teignmouth Harbour Commission
- Torridge District Council
- Thanet District Council (Ramsgate)
- Torbay Council Marine Services (Tor Bay; Torquay, Brixham, Paignton)
- Trinity House
- Warrenpoint Harbour Authority
- Weymouth & Portland Borough Council
- Whitstable Harbour

Channel Islands
- Jersey Harbours
- States of Guernsey Harbour Authority

Isle of Man
- Isle of Man Harbours Division

Republic of Ireland
- Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners
- Drogheda Port Company
- Dublin Office of Public Works
- Dublin Port Company
- Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company
- Galway City Council
- Galway Harbour Company 
 -Geological Survey of Ireland & Marine Institute (INFOMAR).
- Kinsale Harbour Commissioners (Kinsale)
- Port of Cork Company
- Port of Waterford Company (Waterford)
- Shannon Foynes Port Company (River Shannon, Limerick, Foynes)

Other data providers
- Civil Aviation Authority
- Maritime & Coastguard Agency

Foreign data providers
- Argentina - Servicio de Hidrografía Naval (SHN)
- Belgium - Vlaamse Hydrografie
- Spain- Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina
- Croatia - Hvratski Hidrografski Institute (HHI)
- Iceland - Hydrographic Department of the Icelandic Coast Guard
- Malta - Malta Maritime Authority
- Netherlands – Netherlands Hydrographic Office / Dienst De Hydrografie
- Oman - National Hydrographic Office, Sultanate of Oman (NHOSO)
- South Africa - South African Navy Hydrographic Office
- Portugal - Instituto Hidrográfico of Portugal (IHPT)

British Crown Copyright, 2014

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