Terms and Conditions for use of Tide Tables

No decisions that affect the safety of life or property should be based on the tide tables supplied here alone, they are provided for general planning information only.

Advice about Tidal Predictions: No Hydrographic Office has a monolopy on the actions of the moon upon the seas and the tides thus produced.  All Tidal Predictions are just that...Predictions. All mariners should be aware that local conditions and weather can have a significant effect on tidal heights acheived. In particular high pressure systems generally associated with fine weather can reduce tidal levels markedly.

Whichever tide tables you use, a suitable margin of error must always be allowed for.

Official Tide Tables:  UK and Ireland tide tables in the Zoomify Viewer are prepared from official harmonics data, using the simplified harmonic method.  They are not for navigation purposes and have not been checked or verified by any Hydrographic Office. Use with caution and at your own risk.  For official predictions use  Admiralty "Easy Tide" on the day itself.

Non Official Tide Tables (France, Belgium, Netherlands and Continent)

The results published here from the wxtide program can vary from official predictions by as much as 20 mins. odd, and by as much as 0.5m odd.  For official predictions use the Admiralty "Easy Tide"

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