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Buy with confidence, simple 2 step process for chart access (£25): THIS IS A ONE OFF FEE

Step 1. Create a free login account (needed to access your charts after you pay). Your details are safe with us, we never have any financial information about you, nor do we pass your details to anyone else, nor do WE send you emails unless you specifically permit us to.We strongly suggest using a low level password, different from any important passwords you may use. The free login account also serves businesses who wish to take control of their directory entries, or those who would like to post comments about the harbours covered.  Privacy Policy

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Step 2. After creating your free login account you will see this on your account summary:



Use the PayPal button to pay.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account, they just process the payment.  VisitMyHarbour never see your card details..ever !



After payment you should have instant access to the members area

Important note:  Should you experience problems phone 01983 293757 11AM to 4.00PM see contact us page for current days (Covid short hours), or use the contact us button. 

30 Day "No Quibble" guarantee applies to everything we sell, including this. If you're not happy with our service, just request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase.  If you've bought anything else and used your members discount to do so, obviously we'd have to sort out the difference in prices.


How does it work ?  Please scroll down and read this bit, it's important

Once you've followed the 2 stages above and paid,  your account will be automatically upgraded to a full membership.

You may receive 1 or 2 AUTOMATED emails to do with activation.  As a paid up member you do not need to worry about these, they are mainly for those who want to freely use other interactive parts of the site. 

Watch out for a personal (human generated) email from us, it will come within 24 hours of joining, often within hours on a working day, we like to greet all new members ourselves.  This will be headed "HOW TO use your VisitMyHarbour membership IMPORTANT PLEASE READ" and be from   admin  (AT)   so make sure you check your spam box in case it ends up there !!!

Once you are a paid up member, you can access a part of the site you will not have seen before.  The chart access you've paid for is nothing to do with the harbour coverage or the free charts around the site.  Don't expect anything dramatic to change once paid up, the site will look and behave as before with this ONE EXCEPTION:

Once you have paid, from virtually any page of the site you can get into the members area by clicking the link circled in red (non members clicking this only get sample charts).  The page you will see is as above, with listings (65+ pages of them !) and a search box.  Use the search box to find charts you're interested in by entering a chart number or part of a name.  The first entry under the search box is a welcome message for new members, please look in here first.  It will explain how it all works, how to download full chart listings, use the Google Earth versions etc.

You are not in the paid members area of the site until you see the page above, do not confuse the free charts around the harbour coverage with this, there is no comparison.

Away from home ?   From any online computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) you can login and access your charts.  The service works wherever you have a reliable Internet connection, and YES it works with mobile dongles !  

Speak to us:

Call Visit My Harbour customer services 11- 4.00 Mon-Fri   01983 293757 ,  we will take you through the order process.

You get in addition to all the usual free pilotage information and chartlets on the website:   Ongoing full access to over 800+ Full sized "Paper" style UK and International charts in a full-screen viewer, and as a free gift:  Additional access to fully geo-referenced seamless visi-charts covering many of the areas.

If you have any enquiries or questions simply phone customer services.  Likewise if you have any problems accessing your charts or are unhappy in any way in with your purchase simply call:

Visit My Harbour customer services  01983 293757  (Mon-Fri 11- 4)

Rather not chat ?  Write to the above address or you can use this form to contact us with enquiries or comments:

Contact Us Now: Contact Us

Important note:  Repeated attempts at logging in with a wrong password will LOCK YOU OUT.  In these cases, just contact us by phone or contact form/email and we'll sort it out.

Resources and links:

Browse the UK and International chart lists, all available to members

Legal Stuff...Terms and Conditions  Important information

Find out more about Standard Admiralty Charts

We will be displaying all the UK/Irish charts that are available. There are however a couple of exceptions where copyright issues prevent us from displaying the whole chart.  A 12 month rolling replacement scheme will ensure UK charts are always up to date, urgent replacements will be made quarterly. International charts: Our growing collection is going online as fast as possible. At 2020 it stands at 800+  full sized "paper" style charts, with input from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands amongst others.

One off Membership fee:

This does not expire and there's no more to pay.  You could be checking chartlets for years to come for your one off payment.  How long  ?  As long as this site is running, and the UKHO continue to license us (been running 12 years now and growing all the time).  We were charging £25 a YEAR, now it's simply a one off payment.  There will be no partial refunds in the future, and we cannot be held responsible for events outside of our control.

We are a bona-fide business, and have achieved the Trading Standards buy with confidence logo.  We have over 6000 satisfied members, not only in the UK but ranging from Brazil to Singapore.
These charts are "Not for Navigation" purposes.  This means you mustn't try and navigate  using bits of chart you have printed off.
Copyright: VisitMyHarbour are licensed to display these charts online.
Most of the charts displayed on this site are British Crown Copyright, and are displayed for your own personal use. You are strictly forbidden to use any of these images in your own websites, distribute copies of them, or e-mail copies of them to anyone.  Links Policy

These charts are an additional enhancement to visitmyharbour, and will not affect the rest of the site in any way. We believe displaying these charts will give us the most comprehensive coverage of UK waters available online, and the International charts will enable "Blue Water" sailors to plan effectively.

"Well done and many thanks for making this service available at a sensible price. It's long overdue and extremely welcome!"   Mr B.P

"...I must say absolutely superb presentation. The best antialiasing I have ever seen. Prefer the full screen viewer."   Mr S.M

"Really enjoying the charts, and dreaming. Thanks."  Mr C.R

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