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Matt West - Marine Surveys UK

“Pragmatic surveys in plain English”

We work with aspiring boat owners who want to make sure the boat they want is suitable for them

We work with yacht owners in charter management whose boats are coming to the end of term and want to make sure they are handed back in the agreed condition]

We work with charter companies who want to ensure their assets are being maintained correctly but don’t have the in house expertise or want a 3rd party opinion

We work with insurance companies who need a report on a vessels condition

We work with finance companies that need to make sure they are financing at the correct level

We work for Yacht Brokers who are fed up with their customers pulling out of deals by unnecessary and inaccurate scaremongering

We work with coding organisations to carry out coding for them


We have been involved in the marine industry since 1985, specialise in surveying charter yachts and also survey any small marine craft.  verified by VMH  Jan 2011 


Whether you require a  verbally or written report you can be assured it will be delivered in plain English at the level you require in a pragmatic way. For example if we are surveying a 30 year old jaguar 27, all tests will be carried out and condition reported on but any recommendations will be commensurate with age, value and use of the vessel.



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Tel:+44 7798554535
Mobile:+44 7798554535
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