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Falmouth 3, Carrick Roads, as far as Restronguet Creek, including Mylor and its Marina

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


None Given


Admiralty, 32, 154, 18, SC5602 SC5912

Rules & Regulations


Water Skiing Area, St.Mawes Bank, Deep Channel marked by Buoyage, Large Shallow Areas

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Dover -6.10 MHWS 5.3m MHWN 4.2m MLWN 1.9m MLWS 0.6m   (links)

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General Description

Carrick Roads, appears as a vast expanse of water but in actual fact

......much of it is shallow, the main channel is very deep, is buoyed, and sometimes used by large ships. There are several possible anchorages, where a vessel of normal draft can lay afloat at all states of the tide, but all in all it is a bit exposed, being more suitable for ships rather than yachtsmen or motorboaters.

Following the deepwater in a northerly direction, there is a water skiing area marked off by yellow buoys on the eastern side, followed by St Just's pool, an area of small craft moorings, and a possible anchorage, again on the eastern side. Opposite St Just is Mylor Creek, with its moorings and the Marina.

Further northwards from here following the channel you will find Restronguet Creek, again with plenty of small craft moorings. This lies on the western side, as does Mylor Creek mentioned above.

The whole area of Carrick roads can offer exciting fast sailing in stronger winds, as it is relatively sheltered and by half tide yachts can roam over most of the area without worrying about running aground.

In a nutshell you have three creeks, one Marina, and several possible anchorages.

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Entering Carrick roads is straightforward if you have

....... just entered Falmouth from seawards, leaving Black Rock and its associated buoyage to port. You simply follow the buoys, heading towards Penarrow Point on the western shore. This is low and is topped with a prominent pillar. Keep an eye on the depth sounder, the main channel is very deep up, to 30 m at LAT, and steep to.

If emerging from the Percuil River and Falmouth Inner Harbour, it is unwise to cut the corner too tightly, head in a generally easterly/north-easterly direction until you pick up the deepwater channel.  Pilotage directions:

Before reaching Penarrow Point, the deep channel swings to the East, keep an eye out for the red buoys marking this swing (Northbank Fl.R.4s, and St Just Q.R.), as it shallows out rapidly north of these, although by half tide there would be no problem at all. As the channel swings you will see St Just's pool, and the entrance to St Just's Creek on the eastern side to starboard.

If planning to go to Mylor Creek to sample the delights of its Marina you can start making your approach in a north-westerly direction after passing the red can buoy, Northbank. There is deeper water in this approach than the other approach that can be made after following the deep ship Channel further up and turning hard to port. No normal yacht need worry about either approach if it is a couple of hours off low water.

You will pick up the smaller red can and conical green buoyage marking the dredged approach channel to Mylor Yacht Harbour Marina.(See chart). By this time you'll see the Marina clearly, surrounded by craft on moorings.

If heading for Restronguet Creek stay in the main deep channel instead of deviating towards Mylor. To the western side of the main channel the water shelves quickly with depths of less than 1 m at LAT.; you can work out the depths and cut the corner and save all of five minutes if you wish. Otherwise continue until you identify the green conical Carrick Buoy F(2).G.10s. You are now opposite Restronguet Creek, it lays to the South West. Identify the southerly cardinal on Carrick Carlys Rock, and make sure that you stay south of it, leaving it to starboard as you approach Restronguet Creek. There are depths of less than 0.5 m at LAT in the approach to Restronguet, however there is a very deep pool with depths of up to 12 m as you enter the Creek, and you will see small craft moorings clustered around this.

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

As mentioned before, it is possible to anchor anywhere

..... in the Carrick Roads area, out of the channel and to suit depth and wind, being mindful of the areas that are set aside for waterskiing in the summer. 

A popular anchorage in Easterlies can be found around the entrance to St Justs creek, clear of the moorings off the shingly beaches. Shoal draft boats can explore the creek itself, and dry out if a space can be found. The town of St Just with its beautiful church will be found by the tidal pool within the creek, as will Pascoe's Boatyard. Jerry cans of diesel, and gas refills are available here.

Other options include:

Mylor Creek

 Mylor has a Marina, and a large number of moorings in Mylor Pool, off the yacht harbour. If intending to berth at the Marina they would appreciate advanced notice and they can be contacted on 01326 372121; they maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 80, or M, callsign " Mylor Yacht Harbour" and have an email link on their website. The prices (2022) for a marina berth are £3.90 per metre (with a 10% reduction for a week's stay) and on a swinging mooring £2.25 per metre. They have a minimum charge length of 6.1m  Link to website below:

The entrance to the Marina is on the northern side of the breakwater pontoon, and visitors are normally berthed on the inside of this pontoon. The Marina is exposed to easterlies, and a surge can develop in these conditions.

After the Marina the creek rapidly dries out, but can be explored in a shoal draft craft or dinghy. The main town and a boatyard will be found at the head of the creek, and it may be possible to find somewhere to dry out here.(See photo in gallery)

Restronguet Creek has many moorings concentrated in the narrow mouth, the deepwater pool. The tide can run hard here through the narrows. An anchorage can be found just clear of the moorings, to the east of the entrance, but keep an eye on the depths. This spot is handy for a dinghy trip to the Pandora Inn, which is yacht friendly and has showers, launderette and freshwater available.

Above the entrance Restronguet Creek widens, but basically dries throughout, and can be explored in shoal draft craft prepared to take the ground, or by dinghy. The village of Devoran will be found at the head of the creek, and has a post office and general store. It was once a busy port exporting copper and tin, but is silted right up nowadays. There is Penpol Boatyard on the northern shore at the entrance to Penpol Creek, and Restronguet Yacht Basin (drying) on the southern shore.


St Justs Creek... Pascoe's boatyard, diesel in small quantities and gas. Small village. Launching facilities for trailer boats at Pascoes.

Mylor Creek.... Mylor Yacht Harbour, all Marina services with serviced swinging moorings also available. Water and electricity on the pontoons is included in the mooring fees, WiFi Internet access, toilets and showers and launderette (coin op). Boatyard facilities here cover lift out up to 35 tonnes and repairs with shipwrights, GRP specialists, engineers and electronics experts based at the site, and the chandlery too. Fuel berth (Does both diesel & Petrol)

There is a large public slipway at Mylor for trailer boats.

There are basic supplies available here as well as cafes and restaurants. The village of Mylor Bridge at the end of the Creek has a post office, a convenience store, a pub, and occasional buses to Falmouth. On your way here you will pass Gaffers and Luggers boatyard, which builds traditional looking craft.

Mylor Yacht Club, telephone 01872 374391, is on the Quay by the Marina, and offers the usual hospitality to visiting yachtsman. Link to website below:


Restronguet Creek.... the main attraction here is the Pandora Inn, which takes its name from HMS Pandora, the ship responsible for capturing the "Bounty" mutineers. This has a shower and toilet block, launderette, and fresh water available. It is reached by dinghy from the anchorage just outside Restronguet Creek. There is a boatyard on the northern shore of this creek, Penpol Boatyard.



Mylor Bridge is a hamlet in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom with a population of about 1000. It is about 5 km north of Falmouth as the crow flies but about 8 km by road. It lies at the head of Mylor Creek, an arm of Carrick Roads. It has a post office, newsagent, grocery store, fishmonger, an excellent butcher, a pub ( the Lemon Arms ), a dental surgery and Mylor Bridge junior school. It has a church in the nearby village of Mylor Harbour (St. Mylor, from which the settlement takes its name) whose origins have been traced back at least 1200 years, and as such is one of the oldest churches in the county.

The village is a part of Mylor Civil Parish, the Mylor and Flushing electoral ward for Cornwall County Council purposes, and the Falmouth and Camborne Parliament electoral constituency (although it will be changing from next election to Falmouth and Truro).

St Just

St Just in Roseland should not be confused with the larger settlement of St Just in Penwith which is also situated in Cornwall.

Located just north of St. Mawes, St. Just in Roseland is famous for its picturesque 13th century church, set in magnificent gardens luxuriantly planted with semitropical shrubs and trees, many of which are species rare in England. The church perches on the edge of the tidal creek, with numerous paths leading from the churchyard onto the coastal footpath which continues around the headland, through some National Trust lands to St. Mawes. This is a walk of approximately 2 miles.

The church is situated just outside the main village, with a small side road, taking the visitor down the hillside toward the church gates. There is a small carpark and limited parking along the side of the road by the church gate.

The path from the road to the Church is lined with granite blocks carved with quotations and verses taken from the Bible. Because the slope is so steep, as visitors stand at the lych-gate on the road, looking down to the Church, they will find themselves looking down on the Church Tower.

The church perches on the edge of St Just tidal creek which is off the River Fal estuary, also known as Carrick Roads.


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Eating, Drinking & Entertainment

The Marina area at Mylor offers several choices where eating and drinking is concerned, including "The Ganges" which is not an Indian restaurant as it may sound, but a seafood restaurant named after HMS Ganges an old wooden training ship that was based here. The site of the Marina was once the Royal Navy's smallest dockyard, and a busy boatyard in the 1960s. The Marina and the approach channel were completed in 2001, and has developed a very good reputation amongst its permanent berth holders.

As already mentioned one of the main attractions at Restronguet Creek is the Pandora Inn, dating from the 13th century with thatched roof and waterfront location. Here you will find excellent food and drink, useful facilities already mentioned, and its own pontoon for the dinghy. The place is very popular with sailors. Link to website:


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Update April 2022
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 20th Apr 2022
I reviewed these notes in April 2022. No changes from the navigational point of view - prices are a little up from last year. The pontoon at Pandora Inn has been widened since I last looked and has tables along its length for your "dining experience". The sailing club there does not cater for visiting boat and has no moorings for them.
Eating, Drinking & Entertainment
Written by Arjana | 7th Aug 2021
With regard to the entry for Mylor things have moved on from 'The Ganges'. The harbour now has Castaways, a restaurant open all day during the season ( and a cafe which is open throughput the day from breakfast to afternoon tea time. Excellent food. (
1 of 1 people found this helpful
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 31st Mar 2021
I reviewed these notes at the end of March 2021. Mylor hasn't changed apart from a small increase in prices. Thanks to Tyro for his notes on the Pandora Inn. I am investigating the facilities at Penpol Boatyard.
Mylor Yacht Harbour and Cockwell's yard 2019
Written by Tyro Sailor | 19th Mar 2021
Very crowded. They let me tie up on the fuel berth - as they had no fuel - and I just squeezed my 26' boat in. Laundrette was good, and a v posh-looking yacht club which was closed for a conference.

Further up the Creek on the port hand is Cockwell's yard where they have a single pontoon berth available to visitors (at £20). The only loo and shower is off the foyer of the office building - so only open office hours. The receptionist was helpful and friendly. Very sheltered, which was important at the time.
Pandora Inn, Restronguet
Written by Tyro Sailor | 19th Mar 2021
The pub's pontoon, busy with diners and drinkers, is available for smallish yachts as well as dinghies. There's enough water to get alongside the hammerhead in the top half of the tide; when I arrived on a busy summer afternoon in 2019 it was occupied and I had to go round the side which was a bit marginal, even with a draught of 3'. There were also miscellaneous dinghies, dories and canoes which were moved to shallower water on request. Plenty of cleats and sturdy railings. The bottom dries to fairly flat muddy gravel.

The pub does a variety of meals at a variety of prices and good beer too. No sign of the laundrette mentioned in the Pilot and the shower, in the accessible loo inside the pub and open the same hours, needs coins (£1?) to make it work. Ben Ainslie's gold post box is set into the pub's front wall. He has another one in Lymington.
Written by Don Thomson | 30th Apr 2018
There has been an increase in the fess at Mylor, otherwise no changes
Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 3rd May 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in May 2016. No changes
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Update March 2014
Written by dononshytalk | 13th Mar 2014
Mylor Marina visitors charges have gone up otherwise no changes from last year
Update 2013
Written by dononshytalk | 28th Jan 2013
The harbour notes for Falmouth 3 were updated by Don T on the 28th January 2013. There are no major changes to this section of Falmouth Harbour and the prices have been corrected for the 2013 season
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