You Can ALL join in

Go on own used to have this album !

You can all join in !

(Picture from the 1969 Island Records sampler of the same name)

Looks like we are well within the top 10 Marine websites in the UK.  We're glad most of you find the site interesting, and hope that you may want to help us to do better still... If you enjoy using this site or find it useful for passage planning, etc. why not contribute a bit ?



Now the end of the season is upon us, and hopefully there will have been some memorable cruises and happy memories to go with them. Why not share your experiences with the other users of this website. Visited a new harbour ? How were your experiences there ?

Was everything grim, gloopy, mud...grey skies and miserable locals ?  Or maybe you had a wonderful experience, had exceptional service, and encountered nothing but friendliness and excellent value for money.

Other visitors to this website would really want to know all about it, and you will be doing your bit to promote worthwhile destinations, and warn of unsuitable spots.

YOU now have the ability to make a real difference, and it's so easy to do. We are hoping you will find it addictive too !

You need to open or have a free login account to be able to make instant comments (if you are a full paid member you will already have one of these, if not why not    Open a free login account , your details are safe with us, we respect your privacy). Once the formalities are sorted out, you will find that you can leave information and comments at the bottom of every harbour page...INSTANTLY.

YOU can now recommend your favourite spots, warm of dodgy holding ground, grumpy harbourmasters etc.

Go on give it a try !


Notes about the login proceedure...During the login procedure you will be asked to provide your e-mail address ( which you will need to confirm by replying to the auto generated e-mail you will receive).  You will also be asked to put in the first line of your address, post town and postcode.    If you are really that unhappy about giving your address (even via our https secure webpage) , be reassured that so long as the required fields are filled with "something", the process will work. Privacy Policy

As Always...

We remain committed to offering a friendly and personal service at all times.  We are known for going out of our way to help... how about dealing with phone calls at 8:30 AM on a Sunday from someone wanting to know if it was legal for them to take their dog ashore in the dinghy to the beach at Canvey Island.  Couple of phone calls from our end established that no it is not allowed, and we were able to phone back and let them know.

Coming from a retail background, it's second nature to try and help wherever possible.


Best Regards,



   Mackenzie,       Bryant    and   Thomson

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