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Courtesy Flag

Irish Tricolour


None Given


AC 2049 Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock; SC 5621; Imray C57 Tuskar Rock to Old Head of Kinsale

Rules & Regulations

None Known


Selskar Rock and a shoal rock to its SW

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW is HW Dover -0535 or HW Cobh +0014; There is no accurate information as to tide heights here. The range at Springs is about 3m and Neaps about 1m. The nearest Admiralty predictions are for Baginbun Head and the link is given in the list on the right.

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General Description

This is an extremely small harbour a couple of miles North of Baginbun Head

...... or nine mile across Ballyteige Bay from Kilmore Quay.  It is home to lobster pot boats and there is seldom room inside for visitors and anyway it dries completely to sand at LW. 

It provides shelter in off shore conditions but in anything above a three from the NE through to the SW it is very uncomfortable and is not worth a visit.  It is one of a couple of harbours on this peninsula known as “Hook Head”; the other being Slade further along the coast to the South West.

Although room is restricted inside the harbour it is a very pleasant spot and one can anchor off in good holding to the North of the harbour entrance; if you are a skipper who prefers quiet little places rather than the cheek by jowl conditions of a marina it is really worth considering this as an alternative to Kilmore Quay in the right weather conditions.

You would have to accept that all supplies would require shipping aboard by dinghy but, then again, if this is your sort of places you’ll be used to that and anyway, if your luck is in, you may even be able to raft alongside a potting boat for the night as long as you can take the ground. It’s the sort of place that Para Handy would have called “Chust Sublime” (if you don’t know who Para Handy is then you need to add him to your wish list of required reading along with “We Joined the Navy”)

For an overview of this coastline the following You Tube video is worth perusing



The approach to this harbour is trouble free,

........ just give Baginbun Head (with its Martello tower, see photo) a reasonable offing if coming from Dunmore East or sail straight in from the SE if coming the other way. 

It should be noted that the soundings in this area of AC 2049 date back to Victorian times.

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

If there is no room inside (the most likely condition)

......... then drop your pick just to the North of the harbour entrance, clear of the local moorings.  The local sailors are very welcoming and have no objections to you picking up one of their moorings if it is going spare.  There are no harbour dues to be paid here; another advantage to the discerning skipper!!

There is a recent Google street view of the harbour which you can find below

Street view


There is nothing adjacent to the Harbour but the village (about a mile and a half  away) has supplies and a filling station. The filling station is at the far end of the village collocated with shops but, never fear, there are at least four pubs en route so the journey can be punctuated with frequent stops for refreshment!

Eating, Drinking & Entertainment

The village up the shore road and across the causeway has a Londis mini-market/ filling station (still open 2015) and Post Office along with quite a few pubs, fish and chipper and a Chinese take-away. It’s a fair walk so if you are stocking up you’ll need to take the folding sack trucks with you. (If this is your sort of place you’ll know what I mean!)


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