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Isle of Man-Peel

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Flag, Red Ensign


54° 13.9N 004° 41.37W


AC 2094 Kirkcudbright to the Mull of Galloway & Isle of Man; AC 1826 Irish Sea Eastern Part; AC 2696-5 Peel; SC 5613.20.1 Isle of Man West Coast incl. Calf Sound; SC 5613.22 Isle of Man Harbours, Peel; Imray C62 Irish Sea; Imray Y70 Isle of Man (Harbour Plan of Peel)

Rules & Regulations

None Known


Wreck off shore between Bradda head & Elby Point to the South of Peel. Craig Rock 2nms NNE of Peel

Tidal Data Times & Range

HW Peel is HW Dover +0005. MHWS 5.2m MHWN 4.3m MLWN1.5m MLWS 0.4m   (links)

This site is designed for slower, roaming broadband connections, like you would get at sea, so it needs JavaScript enabled to expand the text.

General Description

Harbour Keeper      VHF 12     tel no +44 (0)1624 842338  mob 07624 495036
Marine Ops Centre VHF 12     tel no 01624 686612 
Peel Sailing & Cruising Club    tel no +44 (0)1624 842390        

Peel is the main port on the West coast of the Isle of Man and has undergone radical changes in recent years; the old tidal harbour of yesteryear has been replaced by a fully serviced marina behind a flap gate and pedestrian bridge. The marina had a maintained depth of 2.5 meters (for an update on depths see the link below) but the approaches are still tidal so it can only be entered 2.5 hours either side of HW. The old alongside drying berths immediately outside the flap gate have been preserved as are the fishing boat moorings alongside the north breakwater. As before the berths alongside the North wall are available for very large yachts with the continued proviso that the commercial fleet has first call on them. We are told (2018) that there are problems with silting within the marina and there is a depth survey at

NTM no 02 of 2021.docx (gov.im)

They have had trouble with the bearings on the swing bridge which did limit the entry times but those problems have been resolved and there should be no restrictions now.

The harbour is still limited by winds from the NW through North to North East and you should not attempt entrance in strong winds in that quadrant.  Before the marina Peel was not that attractive as a port of call in the Irish Sea; now it is an ideal jumping off or arrival port for Ireland, the Mull of Galloway or North Wales or as a place to split one’s passage through the Irish Sea, especially if short handed.

The town of Peel is a maze of small streets each of which hold a variable mix of residential buildings and shops. There is a narrow pedestrian precinct off Douglas Street behind the church where you will find a small Co-op supermarket and at the landward end of Douglas Street is where you will find the filling station. The best advice would be to make a recce before getting your shopping trolley out of the locker, find out where things are and then plan your provisioning trip; oh, and take a compass with you!!

If you plan to use Peel as a base for exploring the Isle of Man you should look at the Manx Motor Racing Club website during the planning phase of your trip back on the mainland to make sure your exploration will not clash with any of their closed road events.

There is an IOM harbour information website which lists all the IOM harbours and a whole raft of downloadable docs (most of which do not apply to cruising skippers) at:-
Isle of Man Government - Harbours Information

Isle of Man Government - Peel


The tidal streams close in around the IOM do not follow those depicted in the UKHO tidal Atlas; there are often counter currents. For close-in information you can access the IOM's own tidal streams info at
tidal_streams.pdf (gov.im)
tidal_streams_2.pdf (gov.im)

We suggest that if you are spending any time in the Irish sea with regular visits to the IOM you visit those two internet pages, print and add them to your Pilot Book.

You should call the Harbour Keeper on channel 12 at least

........ an hour before arrival so that they can sort out a berth for you. (hint; there’s only one gate and it’s at the inner end of the marina so you’d like a berth nearer E than A; that is unless you are offered a berth on the outside walkway when you want to go as far in as possible, please!!)

Put an Initial Fix on the chart about a third of a mile out on the lead in lights and from there it is just a case of following that in until you can identify the harbour and proceed inbound as instructed on Channel 12.

If you arrive outside the opening times for the gate you could pick up one of the four visitors buoys to the NE of the groyne to await the tide.  If you visit the Peel website you will find a list of the next two months gate times in the .pdf files on the right of the page.


Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

There are three options for alongside berths.

The most obvious one is in the marina which (in 2022) will cost a 10m boat £32.16 per night which includes shore power and showers and includes VAT. You will probably be located on the West side of the long walkway connecting the fingers. 

Calls to Peel may be diverted to Douglas outside office hours and they may allocate you a Peel berth.  There is a diagram of the Peel Marina in the Navigation images (top right) and be aware that the berth numbers are painted on the surface of the fingers and not visible in the approach.

Shore access to the marina is by coded lock. Outside their office hours you can obtain the code from Douglas using a freephone just outside the marina gate. They will not give out the code over VHF so one would suggest that, if you are arriving out of hours you phone ahead and get the code at the same time as you make your other arrangements.

If there is room you can still tie up alongside the SE wall inside the outer harbour which although drying, especially if you are shallow draft, may give you the march on departure instead of having to wait inside the marina. The other place, which will in all probability not be offered, is on the outer wall amongst the fishing boats, but it should be kept in mind if you are deep draft and want to depart at low water; you should be able to come to some sort of arrangement with the Harbour Keeper under those circumstances.

The alternative is to pick up one of the visitors yellow moorings off the groin (for which there is a charge if the HM happens to come out); there are steps down to the beach outside the Peel Sailing and Cruising Club or you might land at the root of the groin (not recommended), but your dinghy will be at the mercy of the holiday makers on the beach. Now that there’s a bridge across the harbour your best bet for landing a dinghy is at the lifeboat slip at the root of the outer wall.

If none of those is suitable you can always anchor at the end of the visitors buoys but that is a little exposed and you should expect quite a bit of movement.



As has been said all the marina berths are supplied with free electricity and water. Ashore there are showers and toilets for the exclusive use of the marina.

Diesel and petrol is by cans. For details of this see the notes left by members in the comments section below (Many thanks to them for those notes) It may be that the card arrangement for diesel has changed and that you may have to wait for a man to come and operate the pump; check on this with the harbour keeper in advance.  

Most repair facilities are available and they do have a slip. There are small shops and further away in Douglas there is a large Tescos near the harbour which can be accessed by bus. 

Eating, Drinking & Entertainment

There are numerous pubs and eateries ashore a few of which are mentioned in the website below

Peel pubs and bars; pubs in Peel, Isle of Man # beerintheevening.com

There’s also the castle to explore for their times and prices see


If you wish, the kipper factory does tours every afternoon at 1530 see their website for details at



Your Ratings & Comments

Written by Don Thomson 3 | 13th Sep 2022
I reviewed these notes in September 2022. Prices have increased again otherwise very little change. If you have telephone numbers in your mobile - check them because they've changed throughout the IOM harbours division
Written by Don Thomson 3 | 4th Aug 2021
I reviewed these notes in August 2021. There's a new link to the Marina Survey Notam. Prices have increased
Peel prices and silting problems
Written by Macboatmaster | 9th Jul 2018
I was going to Peel this year having been twice before. However the mentioned silting problems made me decide against it. On a slightly different note the price increase to
Visitor Daily Rate Visitor Pontoon: £2.65 per metre per day PLUS VAT is a very steep rise from just two years ago
2 of 2 people found this helpful
Written by Don Thomson | 18th Apr 2018
Everything is much the same here. prices have been adjusted for the 2018 season. They are having silting problems here so if you are over 2m draft make sure the HM knows this before you come through the flapgate. The Admiralty harbour chart is way out of date; have a look at the raster chart in the text above for better detail.
Marina charges
Written by Macboatmaster | 18th Apr 2016
£1.80 plus VAT per metre (or part of metre) electric hook up included.
Despite the increase - still very reasonable
Update Spring 2016
Written by dononshytalk | 14th Apr 2016
These notes were reviewed by Don in April 2016. Most of the notes below are now included in the text. The supply of diesel appears to have changed AGAIN! Prices have increased.
Peel Marina Sept 2014 update
Written by Macboatmaster | 5th Sep 2014
Marina access cards no longer used. Now on key code, they will not supply code on VHF, but if you arrive when harbour master`s office is closed, go out of Marina gate, push button access to go out, use phone outside of gate to ring Douglas - free and they will then supply code.
Diesel still outside of Marina and therefore easier as I said before, if you do not require large quantity to take fuel can and fuel on marina berth. Manx Fish Producers will lend you stacker truck.
Still ensure you do not pay for more than you need, as no refund given.
Fuel Card deposit is £5.65 refundable on return.
Marina charge per night has only increased by 4p per metre since last year. 7.49 mtrs at £17.60 per night including Electric hook up.
Fuel diesel 60/40 - 60 ltrs £72.54 including refundable card deposit
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Worth a visit
Written by Miura | 13th Oct 2013
Visited on 29 June 2013. We got the last visitors berth but had only 30cm under our keel at high water. Despite the flap gate, we were aground at half tide(we draw 1.8m). The harbourmaster waived our fees and advised that they would be dredging over the winter but that there was a problem with silt washing down the river. The yacht club was open in the evening - welcoming, cheap booze and free burgers from the barbecue. There was a busy pub/restaurant doing good food near the marina and younger crew found some sort of late night entertainment, rolling in at 3am. There was a good bus service to Douglas. The castle on the headland was worth seeing too. The highlight of the trip however was on the sail back home to Bangor, N. Ireland - we saw 3 orcas. I have never encountered them before in UK waters.
2 of 2 people found this helpful
Fuel and access cards
Written by Macboatmaster | 12th Jul 2013
The prepaid fuel card is purchased from the offices of the Manx Fish Producers situated on the road running alongside the marina. Turn left out of the Marina access gate, the offices are about 200 metres on your right.

The card is costed at the amount of fuel you state you need - so do not overestimate as refunds are not given.

The fuel pump which is self service is on the OUTSIDE of the flap gate at the seaward end of the East Quay. So once you are in the marina you cannot fuel without waiting for the flap gate.
Fuel is available 24 hours.
If you are single manned and do not require too much to handle in containers, it is easier to take containers and borrow the truck from the offices of the Manx Fish Producers.
Even the three trips I had to make to get my diesel (70 litres) and take it back from the pump to my boat - was considerably easier than the procedure for using the pump.

You tie-up at the fuel berth, climb the harbour wall ladder, insert the fuel card, remove it and enter the pin number. You then have just 45 seconds after the pump motor starts to go back down the ladder, with the pump hose and start the fuel delivery.

Access card for Marina - some are well worn and simply do not work. Try the card before the harbour master closes 0800 - 1630.
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