From Dublin to Bangor and back with the tide all the way !

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There is an anomaly in the tides close inshore down the Irish east coast. Basically the Irish Sea fills from both ends so in the South it floods North and in the North it floods South at the same time there is a null point in the middle where there is no tidal stream at all.

Basically if you leave Bangor five hours after high water Dover and pick up the last of the counter current round to Donaghadee Sound then pick up the Southbound tide to reach the null point off St John’s point before the turn you have a couple of hours of slack water before picking up the ebb tide to Dublin.

You need a boat that can cruise comfortably at 6 knots through the water or you’ll not be able to pick up the ebb at St John’s point soon enough after it starts to make it to Dublin before the tide turns North again.

Similarly if you leave Howth at five hours after Dover you get the same effect Northbound. You can also nip inside Irelands Eye and Lambay Island and pick up even more tide as it funnels through.

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