qtVlm - A fully featured navigation and weather planning program

This is new.. this is GOOD.. and we're making charts for it !

Introducing qtVlm

Cross platform: Windows, Mac, Linux and Rasbperry Pi (free) plus Android and iOS (paid versions)



A few months ago we were approached by gifted French developer, Philippe Lelong of Meltemus.com to see if we could make our Unified Charts compatible with his program qtVlm.  We looked, we were amazed, and with lots of co-operation we are going to be making chartsets available not only on the Unified Charts platform (so users can give it a try without giving up their current favourite programs).  BUT also making charts available for qtVlm across all platforms.  First time VMH has ever done this.

So what is qtVlm ?

It's about the most fully featured navigation program we've ever seen !  But not only that, it's a weather routeing program for racing types.. AND a yacht racing simulator.

Most VMH members are cruising types, so we'll concentrate on the features of most use to you...

  • Fully NMEA compatible. Hard wired or WiFi
  • Full instrumentation (analogue of digital displays)
  • AIS display and alerts
  • Routes and Waypoints ETAs all the usual stuff.
  • Anchor Alarms
  • Ablity to download grib files..weather and tidal stream.. (and calculate courses using them for racing types with polar diagrams for their boats)
  • Import/Export data.

Finally... all our existing Raster chartsets will be made available for this remarkable program on all platforms inc Raspberry Pi. At our usual low prices... coming very soon.

Do not let the complexity of this program put you off when you read the manual:

Download the full manual HERE

Get the program HERE  Note the currently available version is not compatible with VMH charts, but worth having a very good look at.

We will be working to provide some simple tutorials to get the average user started.  More in-depth features can be ignored till you get used to it all.  It's looking to us that qtVlm could be used for many purposes.. even ship routeing, race organising,  long distance support.. all sorts of things.

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