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Unified Charts by download or USB
(Proper raster charts, same look and feel as paper charts)

  • For Marine Navigator Android app
  • For SeaClear, OpenCPN, Polar View and Expedition, all on Windows
  • By download, or on portable USB (Windows only)






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£7.99/ 14.95


+ £12.50 + P&P

UK-Ireland + Channel Isles

UK-Near Cont



+ £12.50 + P&P

UK,IRL,BE,NL,FR (Manche)

France-Atlantic coast



+ £12.50 + P&P

FR Atlantique (Ushant-Spain)

UK, Iberia (No FR)



+ £12.50 + P&P


All charts available



+ £12.50 + P&P

(Manche, Atlantique), ES,PT


Prices in red are for Members Only

Key to table above:


Only for Marine Navigator Android app. By download 2 activations allowed
No Windows useage possible. Easy,  automated activation process
. One free update given.


As above (2 Android activations), plus one Windows installation
with one Windows backup.  All by download 
test compatibility

As above but supplied on a special secure USB. Adds £12.50 plus shipping to price.
Multiple Windows useage, controlled by the stick.
Bundled Marine Navigator Android charts on USB (copy across to Android...2 activations)
One free INITIAL update ONLY with this version

Unified Charts

Versatile, not tied down to any one Windows  program





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