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Falmouth 4, The Upper Reaches as far as Truro

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign


Safe Distance SW of Turnaware Bar Buoy 50:12'.345N 005:02'.235W


Admiralty, 32, 154, 18, SC5602

Rules & Regulations

Speed Limit 8Knts, Minimal Wash in the upper reaches, past Turnaware


Turnaware Bar, Dries above Maplas

Tidal Data Times & Range

Truro, HW 8mins after Falmouth   (links)

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General Description

Heading north up the river past Turnaware Point, the character of the River changes dramatically as instead of acres of open water, the shores close in and are fringed with cliffs and trees.

You are now in the jurisdiction of the Truro port authority, and they provide various mooring buoys, yacht pontoons (see below for prices) and collect anchoring charges at a flat rate of £6 per night.

There are numerous places where a yacht can go and get plenty of peace and tranquillity, but stocking up could be a problem. You may be surprised to find huge ships laid up in the river. The intrepid explorer, prepared to take the ground, can follow the river right up to the city of Truro on a rising tide, where stocking up will almost certainly not be a problem. ... read more


The main thing to remember as you approach Turnaware Point, is that Turnaware Bar stretches out from the eastern shore (Turnaware Point), and it dries. It is a well-known yacht trap, and to avoid it one should keep to the western side. It is marked by the Turnaware Bar Buoy, (Green, Fl.G.5s), which needs to be left on your starboard side as you head north. The tide can run quite strongly in this area at Springs, achieving 2 or 3 kn, as the River is now constricted on both sides.

The River is deep, and as you head north if you stay fairly central between the banks you will have no problems. It is steep too on either side. Pass the chain ferry at King Harry passage, and keep heading north, you will see large mooring buoys, and by following the line of these you will come to a point where the River swings sharply to the East. Again the large ship mooring buoys give the clue and on the western shore you will see Smugglers Cottage restaurant with its associated pontoon. A fork now appears in the River, with the River Fall petering out into the drying Ruan Creek, and the deepwater making a hard turn northwards and becoming the Truro River. You will see an isolated visitors pontoon for yachts here, leave on your starboard side as you head north. The River starts to shallow out now, and an eye needs to be kept on the tide.  More pilotage details: ... read more

Berthing, Mooring & Anchoring

Mooring options for the yachtsman or motorboater include anchoring, mooring buoys, pontoons, and finally alongside and drying out at Truro. This section of the pilot guide covers anchorage, moorings, facilities and eating and drinking places, as in this stretch of the River everything is spread out, and we can cover each area one at a time.

As mentioned before, stretch of water comes under the authority of the Port of Truro, and they provide the many visitors moorings and pontoons, and also charge for anchoring. Berths on the visitors pontoons and moorings are charged at a flat rate of £15 a night, or £120 for 10 days. The harbour master's launch is on VHF channel 12 callsign " Carrick Three" with the harbour authority at Truro on the same working channel, call sign " Carrick One". The launch collects Harbour Dues, and will give advice. Perhaps the best way to see what is available is to look at the plan rather than the charts. Find out more: ... read more

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