Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple, straightforward, and no weasel words.... any information you may give us for example e-mail address we do not pass on to anyone.... ever. It is possible that we may get in touch with you very occasionally, but this is unlikely to be more than a couple of times a year at most. We promise you will not be bombarded with e-mails from us.

Our site does use cookies, the reason we use them is to help speed up your browsing experience. Our site cookies hold no personally identifiable details about you.  Cookies can be turned off using you browser tools.

Any credit card transactions are dealt with off our site, on a secure server by an accredited card handling agency. We never have your card details.

Any other non financial information you may give us is stored in UK based servers, subject to UK and EU privacy laws (ie: NOT stored in the US or by US companies who do not consider themselves subject to EU privacy rules)

It is our policy never to put machine-readable e-mail addresses on our site, and advertisers are encouraged to do the same.

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