Tidal Stream app for Windows..try it

Now....Rebuilt and back again for newer operating systems

Test out this trial version now.. Buy it if you like it.    "Stand Alone"  Tidal Stream display utility, DOWNLOAD and try

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10  NOT for XP or older

The utility (Plug-in) uses tidal data from 14 standard ports to calculate the streams at over 1900 tidal diamonds, with Dover being responsible for the huge majority of them. Current time can be used, or dates and times selected.  Springs and Neap rates are automatically calculated hour by hour dynamically and displayed on the base map.

It can be used in a separate window from other navigation programs,  to help plan passages using the tidal streams, and comes with a base map.  Using it as a stand alone with the base map will quickly give you the tidal stream information you need. 

Also in this utility, geo-reffed links to VisitMyHarbour's  pilotage coverage of 300+ harbours(only if online)


Download NOW.    CLICK HERE      Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 NOT FOR XP


"This version uploaded 11th Sept 2017. It's a .zip folder containing a Windows installer and utilities.  Get the .zip folder on your desktop. Extract the contents. Scan the contents with anti-virus. Click the installer to install.  W10 may come up with warning saying unknown publisher, install anyway after scanning for malware"

ONLY for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

  • Standard Windws installer, click to install...  Then try it all out. 
  • It will run in time limited mode and will eventually stop working. If you have already tried this out once you will need to buy it to make it work. You can't have 2 trials.

To purchase a full version, follow instructions in the folder you downloaded.  We're working on physical product CD and ignition key USB versions.  Price- £7 or less per installation.

Uninstall instructions: Use Control Panel ==Uninstall Programs

It uses the free OpenCPN open source software, which has been configured to run as a “portable” application. (ie:  needs no installing and will not interfere with any OpenCPN installation you may already have). It has not been altered in any way, and as a lightweight stand alone it's very fast. NOTE it can be used with your existing versions of opencpn 4.2 onwards BUT we STRONGLY RECOMMEND using this as a stand alone utility.

"Plugins for OpenCPN are third party feature additions that expand the functionality of OpenCPN into those niche areas" 

The Tidal Stream “Plug in” has been developed by Mike Rossiter, using UKHO data licensed by VisitMyHarbour . The "plug-in" will work in trial mode for a while after which it  stop

"It must not be used for navigation purposes, and mariners are advised to always consult official tidal stream information"

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Tidal Stream Utility for Windows
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