Unified Charts... What are they ?

New versatile product range:

VisitMyHarbour "Unified Charts"... an easy to use way of providing "For Navigation" Raster charts, that are compatible with some fantastic free, cheap, or specialist navigation programs.

******Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 or10  (USB version works with XP)*******

Unified charts are compatible with nominated WINDOWS programs, not Mac, Linux,  etc.  They are a virtual DVD version of our existing ChartSticks. The downloadable .iso image versions are licensed for ONE Windows machine, with ONE Windows backup allowed.

Those requiring multiple Windows use, please buy the secure USB version. Matching chartsets are also bundled or downloadable for Marine Navigator Android app, with 2 Android activations allowed... In addition to the Windows useage

  • Virtual DVD image (.iso) supplied by download..test compatibility  Easy activation process.
  • No update service, repurchase when required at discount.
  • .iso versions are a little faster than the USB
  • Cheaper than the USB, but not as versatile.
  • USB version is portable similar to the current ChartStick
  • USB version comes with a free initial update.
  • USB is for those who often change, modify, break, swap Windows machines
  • Charts for Marine Navigator Android app, included with all "Unified Charts" packages

So, Unified Charts will work with standard versions of the following:

Marine Navigator                                               SeaClear              OpenCPN               Polar View           Expedition    

Our take on it...  SeaClear is simple, reliable and bomb proof. Best image quality of the lot. Free.   Expedition is a specialist yacht racing program, used by professionals, not cheap.  Polar View is a crisp fast uncluttered program, with good image quality. Suitable for Windows tablets too. About £30, 30 day trial bundledOpenCPN, getting better all the time, image quality improved recently, can be set up specifically for easy use on Windows tablets.  Free, bundled. Marine Navigator on Android is a best seller, self contained, powerful and easy to use. Excellent image quality.  About £6.50 from Google Play Store.


Once you have Unified Charts...you can try them all !

Computer specs required:  Windows Vista, or 7 and intel based Windows8, 8.1,10. ( Windows XP, use the USB version)  This will not work on Macs, ipads, linux etc.  In general... the faster the processor speeds the better results you'll get. For use with openCPN we recommend experimenting with OpenGL mode for best image quality,  Registration requires internet connection , after initial registration NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED.  Android-"Marine Navigator" will run on old and new Android systems, registration via email.

Differences between methods of delivery:

Download: Simplest, cheapest, and quickest. You choose and pay for your chosen coverage, and receive an automated email with a link to download the Windows virtual DVD version, (and instructions and separate link for the Marine Navigator Android version. Activation of Marine Navigator charts is NOT automated, but done by email, and can take a working day).  For Windows, test compatibility you are provided with ONE activation for Windows, with ONE backup activation (for another machine.)  You could be up and running within minutes on Windows. Update by discounted new purchase when required. Ideal for the new breed of Windows 10 tablets. Summary: 1 Windows with 1 backup in reserve. 2 Android activations.

Secure USB drive :  The Windows charts are "on the USB" and can't be copied (or backed up). Programs use the charts directly from the USB, so are marginally slower than the virtual DVD method. This is like the Chart Stick but with added capability. 100% portable between Windows machines. Use on as many as you like. The Marine Navigator Android charts are either bundled with the USB or downloadable. Cheap or free initial update within first year. Obviously more expensive, and postage too. But versatile, and already well tested..(The legacy ChartStick has proved reliable and popular). Unified Charts will be the replacement for the ChartStick. Summary: Multiple Windows useage with the USB. 2 Android activations.

Windows XP users: If the ChartStick has been working on your machine, so will the Unified Charts USB  version.  Needs XP with SP 3.

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