Off-Season Sailing Activities

Off-Season Sailing Activities
The off-season could feel frustrating and tedious if you’re keen to be a sailor or already one that wants to be back on the water, but you don’t have to put your passion on hold. In fact, the off-season is the perfect opportunity to get some sailing qualifications under your belt, should you want to broaden your knowledge of the sport or take on more responsibility, so you can sail more frequently as a valued crew member.

Day Skipper Theory
Completely classroom-based, the RYA Day Skipper Theory course is intended for those with little or no experience of navigation. The course teaches you how to use GPS and electronic charts to navigate, as well as meteorology, collision regulations and safety procedures.

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Yachtmaster Theory
The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Theory course is the next level up from the Day Skipper Theory course, teaching more advanced techniques and procedures for the safe navigation of coastal and offshore passages. Like the Day Skipper Theory course, the Yachtmaster Coastal Theory course is also entirely based in the classroom, and features more in-depth training on navigation and meteorology.
The course is designed to educate you to the level required for the Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore and Coastal Skipper practical exams. You can choose to take the course over a period of eight evenings (one evening per week) and one weekend or opt to study it over two and a half weekends. This course can also be made available in offices, should a number of colleagues want to learn sailing together, perhaps studying after hours.


Essential Navigation and Seamanship Theory
Providing basic navigation, seamanship, passage planning and safety training for many people that enjoy the water including: divers, sea anglers, RIB drivers and dinghy sailors, the Essential Navigation and Seamanship Theory course is based on line, enabling you to complete the course at your home or in the office.

VHF radio


VHF Radio License
Also known as a Short Range Certificate (SRC) Radio course, the VHF (very high frequency) course is a legal requirement if you intend to operate a VHF radio on board your yacht or motorboat. The course itself is not difficult – it takes place over a single day, with a short written test at the end to prove you have the acquired the necessary knowledge to competently operate the radio.




First Aid at Sea
A medical emergency on board a small craft can quickly develop into a disaster if nobody on board has any knowledge of providing first aid at sea. The RYA First Aid at Sea course is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to deal with emergencies calmly and promptly. The course runs over one day and has been approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency as well as the Health and Safety Executive, so it’s a good investment for sailing enthusiasts.


This is a guest blog post by First Class Sailing. They provide RYA approved sailing theory and practical sailing courses from their bases on the Solent, East Coast and London.

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