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Jim Ricketts Hiab Haulage

We operate a second two none nationwide dedicated specialised wherever possible one stop shop to get your vessel moved from the water to storage or Storage to water

We have the ability to lift from most public accessed waterways,Qauysides,Harbours,Rivers,Canals etc etc up to 9000 kg( dependent on length,height & beam) with our 2007 lorry mounted crane when set up this equipment resembles a mobile crane due to its size

To date we have lifted and transported in the region of 350 vessels in the 10 years of trading on our own prior to that whilst working for other employers you can add a few more 

The equipment is state of the art ,our operator holds all relevant certification and like the lifting equipment complies to LOLER lifting regulations 1998, 

Any thing we lift and whilst in our presence is insured all risk up to £40,000 with public liability cover up to 10 million,

We have a specially designed 8 leg Jacobs Yacht cradle that sits on the deck of the lorry for transport of many different fin keeled vessels with extra large foam faced pads to protect the sides of the vessel,  we have spreader beams for the more fragile vessel or timber

We are starting to get somewhere and gaining the confidence of some marinas and Harbours where at first it was unheard nor allowed for Hiab Crane mounted lorries unloading themselves but due to the professional manner in which we operate and present ourselves  we are getting their approval Conwy being one Quayside to name but a few that let us in to place in or remove from the water 

Please take a few minutes to look through our website which has lots of pictures of moves we have executed and please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself or Vicci for a no obligation non binding quote the website is take a look and we would love to hear from you

Please note we have a height restriction of no more than 12' for all loads carried on our truck this must include the depth of the mast whilst lay along the  top too


4 Ffordd Celyn
Fford Celyn
Colwyn Bay
LL29 8RN
LL29 8RN

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