Seasickness.. this has worked in chronic cases

Many will know that feeling. The boat leaves harbour, and once out at sea you start feeling it....

Seasickness !


After 25,000 sea miles, 1000+ nights at anchor, and with many crewmates over the years, I've seen it all.

Many people get a bit sick for the first 24 hours at sea, especially if it's the start of the season. Most know their symptoms, and solutions.  Keeping outside, away from the cabin..maybe sleeping if possible.  Avoiding a heavy drinking session the night before.  We all have our ways of coping, and in most cases after a time, seasickness passes.  And the voyage can be enjoyed.

Over the counter remedies available sometimes help in these situations, but often it's simply time that cures the seasickness.

For some people however, the awful sickness does NOT abate... after 1 day, 3 Days, or 5 Days.  This is particularly distressing if it's a loved one suffering. With the skipper/owner feeling guilty about putting a family crew through it, so he can follow his hobby.

What's more, in these stubborn cases, de-hydration and weakness of the victim (where they can't keep anything down), can lead to serious medical problems. I've seen one person taken to hospital and put on a drip..

Chronic long lasting seasickness is to be taken very seriously, and many sufferers will simply give up boating... affer all who would put themselves through that willingly ?

Out of all the seasickness remedies I've seen, only ONE has worked in these extreme cases... and you can't get it in the UK on prescription or over the counter.




Biodramina (sin or con cafeina) is available over the counter at all farmácias in Spain. No prescription needed.. indeed it's been available in Spain for 60 years I believe. It's not expensive, under 5 Euros.  I've not seen it on sale outside of Spain.

How does it work ?  I don't know.  Why is it not available in the UK ?  Again I don't know.  But what I do know is that it has worked in the most serious cases of seasickness I've ever seen (when all other UK remedies had been tried and failed).

There are 2 versions, both make you sleepy..even the caffeine version won't stop you sleeping. I'd say children could maybe take the non caffeine version in appropriate dosages. Crew members probably best with the con cafeina version.

Before a long voyage the sufferer would take it the night before and get a good sleep. Early next morning take another, and help with clearing harbour. Then go to his bunk, and get a few hours more sleep.

In most cases that was all that was needed for the vovage, but if things kicked up rough and at the slighest twinge of sickness.. another tablet solved it.  Fully functioning with a good appetite, and able to really enjoy long voyages.

OK, how do you get these tablets ? 

We all know someone going to Spain on holiday, or go ourselves.  Simply go to any farmácia
and buy them over the counter. Get some con and some sin cafina, and bring them home with you. You may be questioned if attempting to buy many packs, so only buy a few at any one outlet, or explain what you want them for.

There are probably rules about bringing quantities into the UK, and they certainly can't be sold here. But a few packs for personal use should be OK.

Don't buy them mail order off the internet without having seen and bought the real thing in Spain, and have tried them yourself. You may get fobbed off with something else.

If you sail with a chronic sufferer, get some in this winter. Test at home, in particular the sleepiness effects. And remember to dose up the night prior setting off on a voyage.

I'd be interested in any feedback about Biodramina from members.

Important Disclaimer:

I have no connection with any company making this product.

Before taking Biodramina, make sure you understand the dosages and contra indications in the instruction sheet esp. relating to any current prescribed medication. (You could ask someone who speaks fluent Spanish). If in any doubt show to your doctor and ask them.

Check carefully what you are allowed to bring into the UK, more than a few packs may cause problems.

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