Legacy Android Downloads

This page is ONLY for those who have already bought Android charts prior to the auto activate versions released 11th June 2017....And who need to download their 2nd chartset.

Step 1

Download a PDF of the LEGACY installation instructions  HERE

Suggestion:  Print this off and have to hand as installing. Read the installation instructions, gather together everything required.


Step 2  

NOW  download the correct ENCRYPTED chartset (Broadband connection needed) direct to your Android device   :


1 Gb

UK-Near Continent 2017 TAP HERE

1.3 Gb

UK-Iberia 2017 TAP HERE

1.15 Gb

Step 3   Activate your charts (Follow instructions in Step 1, using the payment details from your original purchase... which MUST have been made in the last 12 months)

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