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Channel West, (Scilly Isles to the Solent, Sailing Directions and Charts)

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Flag, Red Ensign




Tidal : NP250, NP254, NP255 Navigation: Admiralty, 2454, 442, 2565, Medium Scale: 3315, 1613, 1267, 777

Rules & Regulations


Portland Race, and other disturbances around headlands..see text

Tidal Data Times & Range

Plymouth Devonport: HW Dover-0540 MHWS 5.5m MHWN 4.4m MLWN 2.2m MLWS 0.8m

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General Description

Weather Patterns

Winds-Weather.-The climate of the English Channel is controlled to a large extent by the series of cyclonic disturbances that usually move toward the E or NE, generally passing N of the British Isles. In such cases, the English Channel is under the influence of a mild and moist SW or WSW jet stream. ... read more


This area is described from W to E, starting with approaches to the Scilly Isles, and ending at Poole Bay.

The Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles (49°55'N., 6°20'W.) comprise a group of isles and numerous above and below-water dangers that occupy a bank, about 5 miles wide, lying between 21 and 31 miles WSW of Land’s End, the SW extremity of England.   The largest isles are concentrated in the NE part of the bank and the small isles, rocks, and hidden dangers intersperse, rather sporadically, the SW part of the bank.   Bishop Rock (49°45'N., 6°35'W.), the SW extremity of the Scilly Isles, is the N of a small detached group of above-water rocks which are mostly awash at HW.   Bishop Rock Light, equipped with a racon, is shown from a conspicuous granite tower, 49m high, standing on the rock. The light tower is radar prominent and generally the first sighting made when approaching the English Channel from the W. The light is obscured on some bearings.

Pol Bank (49°50'N., 6°28'W.), with a least depth of 23m, constitutes the S danger in the Scilly Isles area. It should be avoided by all vessels, specially in periods of heavy swell, when strong overfalls are formed.   St. Agnes lies close SW of St. Mary’s; an old conspicuous lighthouse stands on its summit.  St. Martin’s, fronted by rocks and islets, lies at the NE side of the group about  miles N of St. Mary’s. A conspicuous beacon, 56m high, is situated on the E and highest end of this isle. ... read more

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Channel Islands
Written by Bryant | 7th Nov 2013
Full members have full access to Channel Islands charts, also all CI charts are in our For Nav products. It's just we haven't had a chance yet to provide free harbour coverage for this area.
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Channel West, but no Channel Islands!
Written by katoema | 7th Nov 2013
Having joined today, the reason being is that I have moved from France to Guernsey.

While you have tide tables for St Peter Port, there does not seem to be any further information for "my harbour" and no charts or sailing directions, etc.

Are you planning to include the Channel Islands, as you seem to give comprehensive coverage elsewhere?

Thank You.
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