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North East England (St Abbs Head to the Wash, Pilot Notes and Charts)

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign




Tidal: NP251, NP252, NP 259 Navigation: Admiralty, 1192, 1191, 1190

Rules & Regulations

Various TSS Schemes, see text


Strong Tides and Shipping in Humber, Most harbours unsafe to enter in Onshore Gales, Offshore banks, Gas Fields

Tidal Data Times & Range

Hull: MHWS 7.6m, MHWN 6.0m, MLWN 2.5m, MLWS 0.7m

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Plan...This sector describes the E coast between St Abbs Head and The  Wash. The descriptive sequence is from N to S. Coverage ends at Wells.

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Crossing the wash
Written by kenny the wig | 18th Jan 2014
i intend to take my 30 foot wide beam boat from Boston to kings lynne this easter but i am having trouble finding any information to assist me
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