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Solent (Pilotage Information and Charts)

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Courtesy Flag

Flag, Red Ensign




Tidal Streams: NP337 Navigation: Admiralty, 2045 , 2036, 2035

Rules & Regulations

Bramble Bank Moving Exclusion Zone, Nab other restricted areas, see text


Shipping, Eastern Solent, Portsmouth, Bramble Bank. Bembridge Ledges, Needles Channel in Strong Onshore Winds

Tidal Data Times & Range

Portsmouth, Standard Port HW +0029 Dover, MHWS 4.7m, MHWN 3.8m, MLWN 1.9m, MLWS 0.8m

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General Description

Weather Patterns

In the approaches to Southhampton and the Isle of Wight, winds often blow along The Solent and Spithead. ... read more


General Solent Information

The Isle of Wight (50°40'N., 1°18'W.) is situated off the Port of Southampton and Portsmouth, on the S coast of England. It is separated from the mainland by a stretch of water known as The Solent. The Solent can be entered from W via Needles Channel, the North Channel,  and from E via several channels lying in the vicinity of the Nab Tower.

Cautions: ... read more

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